Shopping in Sidi Ifni

  • Shopping in Sidi Ifni

    Miel Afoulki

    The shop of Miel Afoulki, a honey cooperative, sells some extraordinary local flavours, including orange and euphorbia. Hours are flexible, but someone usually shows up to let visitors in.

  • Shopping in Sidi Ifni

    Tafyoucht Cooperative

    This women’s cooperative produces oil and cosmetic products from the versatile argan tree. Opening hours are flexible, but visitors are made to feel welcome.

  • Shopping in Sidi Ifni

    Jardin du Perle

    Beads for DIY jewellery make this boutique, run by the friendly owner of Hôtel Suerte Loca, a unique shopping stop in southern Morocco. She also trades in the more predictable caftans, tea services and other Arabesque objets.