Best hotels and hostels in Western Mongolia

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Üüreg Nuur

    OT Tour Camp

    Most gorgeously situated camp in all of Mongolia? We may have a winner. It's nestled in the groove of a steep valley overlooking Üüreg Nuur, some 20km away, with nothing but rolling steppe in between. There's a dozen or so stylishly decorated gers and nine log cabins, a toilet and shower block, and a well-equipped restaurant with bar.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Ulaangom

    Chinggis Hotel

    Chinggis is the undisputed grand khaan of Uvs hotels, slaying its rivals not with sword and bow but with surprisingly stylish rooms (especially the cosy 'half-lux' suites with comfy sofas and rugs), bathrooms with separate shower stalls and amenities, and a central location. Includes breakfast. No English spoken.

  • Lodging in Khyargas Nuur National Park

    Khetsuu Khad Ger Camp

    This well-equipped ger camp is next to Khetsuu Khad, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It has hot showers, flush toilets, a restaurant and clean, comfortable gers as well as rooms in a small guesthouse. The rocks between the camp and the lake are fun to clamber over, and the views from the top of them are superb.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Ölgii

    Blue Wolf

    Tour operator Blue Wolf offers eight Kazakh–style gers sleeping two to four people each, and one larger ger with six beds, set in a walled and secure compound. Toilets and showers are communal. Breakfast is in the Blue Wolf Restaurant. The Blue Wolf tour office is in between the ger camp and the restaurant.

  • Lodging in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

    Cold Peak Camp

    Rather than overnighting at the north ranger station, this lovely spot 3km back down the trail has two five-bed gers with solar electricity and a toilet. It's run by Borsan, an affable Kazakh nomad who lives across the river. You can hire horses (T25,000 per day) from his family; they can also whip up a home-cooked meal (for a fee).

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Khyargas Nuur National Park

    Khyargas Nuur Tourist Camp

    About 30km east of the relative hubbub at Khar Temis, this Mongolian-run camp is on a lovely, isolated spur of land that dangles out into the lake. Four-bed gers and cabins are clean, tidy and include use of a shower and toilet block. It's about 3km off the paved road, marked by a sign.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Ölgii

    Traveller’s Guest House

    This no-frills, family-run operation offers good-value shared ger accommodation with a clean shower block and flushing toilets. The owner, Nazgul, who also works for Kazakh Tour, speaks English well and has extensive knowledge about the whole aimag. Mountain bike and motorcycle rental is available, and maps are for sale here. A restaurant is in the pipeline, but until then, no breakfast.

  • Lodging in Ölgii

    Altai Peaks Ger Camp

    Overlooked by mountains and offering views of Ölgii 7km away, this well-maintained camp, run by Altai Expeditions, sleeps two to four people per ger and has separate heated shower blocks for men and women. A lodge-like restaurant serves local Kazakh cheese and bread for breakfast. Free pickups from the tiny airport 2km away.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Ölgii

    Eagle's Nest

    The best hotel in town has a cosy, hunting-lodge vibe and a quiet location, with 11 well-maintained twins all facing back on to the mountains. Rooms have bathtubs and include breakfast. Free airport pick-ups. The hotel, run by Altai Expeditions, is 1km south along Peace Avenue (in front of the big radio mast).

  • Lodging in Ölgii

    Bear Valley Ger Camp

    Ger accommodation 7km outside Ölgii in a pleasant spot between mountains and a brook of the fast-flowing Khovd Gol. Each of the dozen gers sleeps two to three people; the restaurant is in a larger Kazakh ger. Owner Akhmaral is friendly, speaks English and can arrange local tours and activities. Free airport pick-ups.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Uliastai

    Zavkhan Hotel

    Simply getting to isolated Uliastai can be a slog, so thank Chinggis there's a hotel as nice as the Zavkhan waiting for you. Rooms are spotless and modern with quality linen and clean bathrooms. All the little details are in place: plug points, mirrors, blackout curtains, thunderous showers and even a sausage with your breakfast egg. Bravo.

  • Lodging in Üüreg Nuur

    Urguun Dolgio Ger Camp

    This small camp consists of a trio of gers arranged on a grassy patch of lake shore, a volleyball net, and a whole lot of nature. The owner will fry you up a gut-busting bowl of tsuvian (wheat noodles and mutton) for T5000, and all the khuushuur (fried mutton pancakes) you can eat at T700 a pop. Breakfast of champions.

  • Lodging in Khyargas Nuur National Park

    Mon-Tuva Tourist Camp

    Partly built at the time of research, this Mongolian-run camp on the gravelly lake shore has spick-and-span two-bed gers, a restaurant, and several four-bed wooden cabins which, oddly, are semi-detached: you'd better hope you don't have honeymooners next door. Also has charging points in the rooms.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Ulaangom

    Grand Hotel

    Occupying the 3rd and 4th floors of this 2015 brick block in the north of town, the Grand has immaculate rooms with shower cubicles, toiletries, fridges and flat-screen TVs. The design is rather business-like, but when it's this fancy, who's complaining? Includes breakfast.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Khovd City

    Minj Hotel

    The staff here are cheerful, and rooms have extras including toothbrushes, reading lights and kettles, plus the best showers in Khovd. Twins are spacious and worth the higher outlay. Central, so can be noisy. Minj means 'beaver' in Mongolian.

  • Lodging in Uliastai

    Zagasan Nud Hotel

    This pleasant, recently built hotel is a good choice. It occupies a prime perch on the main street close to the museums, and offers small, clean and modern rooms with toilets and hot showers.

  • Lodging in Khyargas Nuur National Park

    Khar Temis

    This decrepit holiday camp, with a few shops, a restaurant and a gas station nearby, acts as the hub for Mongolians holidaying here, even though most people camp on the beach. It has a number of grotty three-bed rooms, half of which have balconies facing the lake, as well as three- , five- and eight-bed gers.

  • Lodging in Ulaangom

    Tavan Od Hotel

    After a complete refit, this mid-sized hotel in the north of town offers pleasant, well-equipped rooms including extremely spacious 'lux' suites with kitchenettes and fridge-freezers. Walking northwest from the market, take the second sealed road on your right (after about 500m) and the hotel, in a grey-and-red, three-storey brick building, will be on your left after about 200m. No English.

  • Lodging in Uliastai

    Uliastai Hotel

    Though it looks and feels a little jaded, the Uliastai is a well-run operation with a good restaurant and bar attached, and a Khan Bank ATM inside the entrance. The cheaper standard rooms have a flushing toilet and washbasin but no shower (common shower available). Sells tourist maps of Zavkhan (T5000, Mongolian only).

  • Lodging in Ulaangom

    Achit Nuur Hotel

    Despite looking a little bruised and battered, this hotel has generously sized rooms and surprisingly stylish bathrooms with good showers. Wi-fi in the lobby extends to most of the downstairs rooms and the restaurant. There's a laundry service available and breakfast is included. No English signs or English spoken, but staff is welcoming.