Best restaurants in The Gobi

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Bayankhongor

    Uran Khairkhan

    Enter through the ramshackle side entrance into jovial Uran Khairkhan, an atmospheric brick house with cosy booth dining. There's no English menu, but you'll find your usual favourites: tsuivan, goulash, bif-shtek (beef patty topped with a fried egg on rice), known collectively as tsagaan khool (white eats), along with a few Korean and Western dishes.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Dundgovi

    Urgoo Restaurant

    This Korean restaurant, the best in town, is set on the 1st floor of a permanent ger structure behind the main government building off the main square. They offer a mix of hotpots, and fried, sweet chicken and pork dishes, served up on prim tables decorated with fake flowers in a dining room with parquet floors.

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor


    Bayankhongor's most pleasant restaurant is clean and family-friendly, but doesn't have an English menu. They have two or three chicken dishes (takhia ny makh) and the usual mutton offerings. Their chinjutei makhan khuurag (stir-fried meat, peppers and onions with rice) is supposedly tasty, and the moogtei makhan khuurag (fried mutton with mushrooms) is popular. Walk down the left side of Khan Bank and it's on your left.

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor

    Baruun Bus

    This cavernous market, fragmented into stalls, offers the best produce selection in town, which makes it a good place to stock up on self-catering supplies. It's located just south of the Black Market.

  • Restaurants in Dornogovi

    Khan Buuz

    On the train station platform is this branch of the dependable canteen chain, Khan Buuz. No English menu, but some photos to point at. Does buuz (obviously), as well as tsuivan, various soups, khuushuur and warming mugs of süütei tsai (salty milk tea).

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor

    Black Market

    The larger of Bayankhongor City's markets, the Black Market is a good place to go looking for guanz (canteens) selling buuz (mutton dumplings) and khuushuur (mutton pancakes). It's located behind the city's bus station.

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor

    Jinchin Supermarket

    Bayankhongor's best supermarket offers a minor selection of hearty produce (beetroots, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and apples) along with eggs, some perplexing processed meats that may have you contemplating the meaning of modern life, and good Russian brown bread.

  • Restaurants in Dornogovi

    Best Restaurant

    Clean and friendly, this local favourite doles out excellent Mongolian dishes; they recommend the bainshte shöl (dumpling soup). Ask for the English menu – they only have one, and it sometimes takes a while to find. There's no sign but it’s above a small supermarket.

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor

    Central Market

    The smaller of Bayankhongor City's markets, the Central Market is behind Soyombo restaurant. Nearby you'll find a number of guanz (canteens) selling buuz (mutton dumplings) and khuushuur (mutton pancakes).

  • Restaurants in Dornogovi

    Ci Ci Pizza

    One of a handful of eateries on the main plaza adjacent to the train station. They do dumpling soup, fried dumplings, a range of classic Mongolian beef dishes, and eggs with rice. The photo menu makes it relatively painless to navigate. But seriously, where's the pizza?

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor


    Choose among an extensive selection of Mongolian dishes served in a modern and gleaming dining room. There's no English in the menu, but there are pictures. The hotel of the same name isn't associated with the restaurant and has a separate entrance.

  • Restaurants in Dundgovi

    Gobi Anu

    This clean and friendly guanz (canteen) knocks out all the usuals: buuz (dumplings), khuushuur (fried mutton pancakes), tsuivan (fried noodles). No English menu or sign, but there is (lukewarm) beer.

  • Restaurants in Dornogovi

    Ikh Soyon Restaurant

    Set on the 1st floor of the hotel of the same name, this up-scale dining room does tasty Chinese fare. The price tag is relatively high, but the setting and service are worth it.

  • Restaurants in Dundgovi

    Delgerkhaangay Supermarket

    The newest of the town's supermarkets, it offers a few fresh fruit options, and plenty of breads, instant noodles, and other snacks for self caterers.

  • Restaurants in Dornogovi

    Mors Fast Food & Bakery

    An inviting diner off the main square with a photo menu above the counter where you order. Choose among typical Mongolian soup and noodle dishes.

  • Restaurants in Bayankhongor

    Ih Nomgon

    A department store, notable for the street-level grocery store stocked with above-average (for Mongolia) produce options.

  • Restaurants in Dundgovi

    Mandalgov Market

    Mandalgov's local market offers cheap eats and (minimal) fresh produce.