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Dundgovi’s allure lies in its mysterious rock formations, which mainly appear at two locations: Baga Gazryn Chuluu and Ikh Gazryn Chuluu. At both you’ll find large granite pinnacles and winding canyons that make for fantastic hiking and bouldering. The water that manages to collect in these areas supports wildlife such as argali sheep and ibexes.

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7 Days around Gobi Desert Tour

Day 1 / Ulan Bator – Baga Gazar We will pick you up at your hotel (or at the airport / train station according to your needs) in the early morning to drive up to the Baga Gazar Rocks (250 km). Baga Gaza is is located in Dune Gobi Province, and its a 20m scenic cave with lunar scenes. These mountains are rich of minerals, old temples ruins and crystals. Here you have the possibility to see a lot of wild animals like marmot, ibex, and mountain sheep, Siberian argali, vultures, hawks and eagles. Day 2 / Tsaagaan Survaga After breakfast we will drive to the famous Tsaagan Survaga and we will explore the area hiking around. Tsagaan Suvarga or White stupa is a rocky formation eroded by the wind located in the Southern border of the province of Dundgovi. The site is scenic and look like a “ghost city”. Here there is an interesting cave 70m long and the other attraction is Del uul, the black mountains near here where is possible see very old rock drawings. Day 3 / Bayanzag After breakfast we will drive toward Bayanzag (240 km) where we will see this beautiful rocky formation created due to the erosion of water and wind over millions of years. There you will see dinosaurs bones and eggs found by an American zoologist. The site is also for the Flaming Cliffs. Is wonderful to watch the sunset from there because it seems to be “on fire”. We will take a walk around and sleep there. Day 4 / Khongor After breakfast we will drive you up to Khongor (150 km), the second largest sand dune in the country that stretches on the north side of the mountain ranges of Zoolun and Sevrei. Near the Khongor River there is an oasis. We will ride the camels and we will explore these amazing dunes. If you like to climb or walk there is the possibility to climb these dunes and continue the excursion exploring the area. Day 5 / Yol Valley After breakfast we will leave Tsaagan Survaga for drive untill Yolyn Am (190 km). Yol in Mongolian language means vulture. We will explore the valley and we will see the ice that persist even in summer months in contrast to the desert climate. We will also visit the natural museum Gurvan Saikhan inside the park. Day 6-7 / Baga Gazar and Ulan Bator We leave the wonderful Yol Valley and we go back to Ulan Bator ( one day stop in Baga Gazar )

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Nomadic Mongolia

Long after the reign of Genghis Khan, nomadism remains a way of life in modern Mongolia. But with so much to see and do here, it’s only natural that people would want to move about and explore. This adventure taps into the nomadic lifestyle embraced by almost 40% of the local population, travelling through ruggedly beautiful gorges and sandstone mountains in search of golden eagles, desert gazelles, and the Mongolian horse. And when you’re not moving, you’ll experience local customs up close, exploring rural villages and sleeping in traditional ger tents.

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