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Howler monkeys (saraguates) inhabit the tall trees here, and are an evocative highlight. You’ll almost certainly hear their visceral roars, and you stand a good chance of seeing some. Spider monkeys, and occasionally red macaws, can also be spotted here at times.

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$125 Day Trips & Excursions

Bonampak and Yaxchilán Small-Group Full-Day Tour from Palenque

You will be picked up from your Palenque hotel in the early morning and travel to the archaeological eating breakfast along the way to the site of Yaxchilán. Absorbed and hidden in the Lacandon Forest, this site has a terrific setting above a horseshoe loop in the Río Usumacinta. The control this location gave it over river commerce, and a series of successful alliances and conquests, made Yaxchilán one of the most important classic Mayan cities in the Usumacinta region. Archaeologically, Yaxchilán is famed for its ornamented facades and roof combs, and its impressive stone lintels carved with conquest and ceremonial scenes. A flashlight is helpful for exploring some parts of the site. After the exploration is done, you will break for lunch (included). Next, you will see Bonampak, which gives you a striking view of the social organization and daily lives of the Mayan people. Embedded in the Lacandon Jungle, the ruins lay with their painted walls in the Mayan language. They stand out from surrounding temple complexes because of the famous Temple of Murals. The murals lining the walls of this temple depict with astonishing realism and vivid colors of the actions of a battle. These murals are considered some of the most impressive of pre-Hispanic Mexico's many treasures. Spanning over four thousand hectares, to date, this ancient city has only been explored in two buildings: the Great Plaza and the Acropolis, which together make up a rectangular space of 110m (360ft) in length and 87m (285ft) in width. When you are done exploring, you will return to Palenque, and end the tour with a drop-off to your hotel.

$533 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Lacandona Jungle Adventure 4 Days 3 Nights

Day 1. Reception at Palenque or Villahermosa Airport and then transfer to visit the Archaeological Zone of Palenque.Visit the UNESCO-listed Palenque archaeological site and spend a couple hours touring this ancient, jungle-clad city, learning about its role in Mayan civilization while perusing its temples and artifacts.   Overnight in the Magic Town of Palenque. Note: The arrival must be before 12:00 pm. Day 2. Experience at Lacandona Jungle, visiting the archaeological zones of Yaxchilán and Bonampak with mystical SPA at night (Temazcal and Maya Massage) made by Lacandon women. Combine visits to Yaxchilan, the ruins of Bonampak, and the Lacandona Jungle on this full-day tour from Palenque. With your guide in the lead, learn about the Maya history at Bonampak, then take a boat on the Usumacinta River. Explore the pre-Hispanic sites in the ruins of Yaxchilan, then stop in Frontera Corozal for a traditional Mexican lunch. At end of the visit we will continue to our Ecolodge at Lacanja Comunity.Overnight in Ecolodge at Lacandona Jungle. Day 3. Rafting on the Lacanjá River, with a trekking  in the jungle to visit the Lost City of Lacanjá. In  the afternoon after the lunch we will  return to the Magical Town of Palenque. Experience the exhilaration of trekking in the Lacandon Jungle and rafting on rapids on a full-day adventure in the Jungle. Float along the tranquil Lacanjá River (2.30 hours)  and admire the diversity of the complex jungle eco-system; trek to an ancient archaeological site to uncover the mysterious of Mayan civilisation; visit a traditional village to learn of Mexican culture; then plunge into the revitalizing waters of a waterfall to conclude your energising adventure. We will be returning to Palenque  where you can take time to enjoy and relax at your hotel.Overnight in the Magic Town of Palenque Day 4. Tour to visit  Misolha Waterfall and then Transfer to Palenque or Villahermosa Airport.  Misol-Ha Waterfall, a towering 115-foot-high (35-meter) waterfall that streams down a jagged cliff as if being poured from a spigot above. Soak up the soothing sounds of the rushing water and the coolness of the mist during your visit. After enjoying Chiapas for several days of adventure, the time has come to return home. According to your flight schedule we will drive you to the airport.Note : For Villahermosa Flight:* It is suggested to purchase flights after 3:00 p.m. For Palenque Flight:It is suggested to purchase flights after 12:00 pm.

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