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$84 Cultural & Theme Tours

Palenque to Lacandon Jungle and Bonampak Archaelogic Site Tour

Have an incredible adventure in the Lacandona jungle on this wonderful tour that is sure to leave you feeling completely revitalized. The Lacandona rainforest was declared a natural monument on August 21, 1992, and comprises 4,357 hectares inhabited by the Maya - Lacandon people, where it gets its name. Your adventure starts with a visit to Bonampak Ruins located in the Lacandona Jungle, near of the community of Lacanja Chansayab. You will be picked up early in the morning from your hotel in Palenque and drive 2 hours with direction to the Bonampak Ruins. On the way, you will have time to enjoy breakfast buffet and then continue with the visit to Bonampak ruins. Embedded in the Lacandona Jungle, Bonampak – “painted walls in the Mayan language – stands out from surrounding temple complexes because of its famous Temple of Murals. You will have chance to explore the magical archaeological site and see  the famous ancient frescoes wall painting  by the Mayan people. The frescoes, now partially restored by an expert team, have been dated to the year 790 AD. After this visit, you will continue to the base camp in the Jungle. Expert guides will take you to the Lacanja Community, a camp located at the limits of the Montes Azules Biosphere where an indigenous group of Lancandones live and still preserve their Mayan cultural traditions. Once in the camp you'll get to walk down beautiful pathways through the tropical jungle ( 3 hours) where you can see lots of exotic flora and fauna in your way to the lost city of Lacanja, a city full of mysticism, where you will continue admiring the impressive legacy of the ancient Mayan culture, until arriving at a quaint spring where you can cool off in the crystal clear waters and admire the waterfalls in the jungle. Before going back to your hotel, you'll have time to eat and conclude the tour in the city of Palenque.

$1559.20 Classic

Mayan Discovery

Mayan ruins peeking out from verdant jungle, street vendors hawking their wares on colonial streets, pristine white-sand beaches sparkling under the Caribbean sun — now this is the real Yucatán. On this unique 15-day journey, you’ll tour the ruins at Chichén Itzá and Palenque, and head deep into the jungle of Guatemala to experience the ruins of Tikal. You're free to choose your own adventure! So escape the resort packages and witness all the incredible wilderness, wildlife, and Mayan culture — past and present — that you can imagine.

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