Must see restaurants in George Town

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    Lorong Baru Hawker Stalls

    Ask locals where their favourite hawker stalls are and most will pick this night-time street extravaganza. It's a great spot for ikan bakar (grilled…

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    China House

    You can't really say you've been out in George Town until you've stepped inside China House. This block-wide amalgamation of shophouses is packed with hip…

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    Anjung Gurney Night Market

    Penang's most famous hawker complex sits just past the Gurney Plaza mall, cooled by breezes wafting in off the sea. It buzzes with stalls serving Muslim…

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    Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre

    This small lane off Jln Burma is crammed every morning with locals filling up for the day on char koay teow (fried noodles with seafood), nasi lemak …

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    Wai Kei Cafe

    This unpretentious roast pork and chicken rice specialist sits just yards from the greatest concentration of travellers in George Town, yet is somehow…

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    Sea Pearl Cafe

    The excellent seafood and unique location of this basic hawker centre – seemingly hidden in a Chinese temple complex looking out over the North Channel –…

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    There's a reason this place is always packed: it's one of the tastiest, most consistent Chinese restaurants in town (and in a place like George Town, that…

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    Nasi Padang Minang

    Serve-yourself, buffet-style restaurants generally opt for quantity over quality, but the Padang-style Indonesian curries, stir-fries, soups, salads and…

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    Hameediyah dates back to 1907 and is supposedly the oldest place serving nasi kandar (curries served over rice) in Penang, though the current restaurant…

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    Kafe Heng Huat

    Outside Kafe Heng Huat you'll find Soon Chuan Choo who, in her trademark red chef's hat, has been turning out some of Penang's best char kway teow (rice…

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    Chefs Hong and Yen have charmed Penangites at two previous venues, with their quirky style and delicious Italian food and desserts. Jaloux is their latest…

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    Lebuh Presgrave Hawker Stalls

    A famous vendor of Hokkien mee (mixed noodles in a rich, prawn- and pork-based broth) draws most folks to this open-air hawker convocation, but there's…

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    Merican Nasi Kandar

    Step into this classic-feeling cafe for excellent nasi kandar (Muslim-influenced curries served over rice). You can't go wrong with the tomato rice,…

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    Kafe Kheng Pin

    The must-eats at this old-school restaurant-style hawker joint include legendary lor bak (deep-fried meat rolls dipped in sauce), rice porridges and an…

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    Beach Street Bakery

    This delectable bakery at China House serves an eye-popping range of sweet, indulgent, three-inch thick cakes.

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    Sri Ananda Bahwan

    This busy and buzzy Indian nasi kandar (rice and curry) restaurant whips up penny-priced masala dosas (rice-and-lentil crêpe stuffed with spiced potatoes)…

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    Tho Yuen Restaurant

    Tho Yuen is packed with newspaper-reading old timers and chattering locals all morning long. It's best to arrive early for the widest choice of breakfast…

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    This is your chance to sample Peranakan-influenced cuisine in a setting that the Baba-Nonya elite of yesteryear would have approved of. The stately dining…

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    Sup Hameed

    On the surface, this is very much your typical shop serving nasi kandar (rice with South Asian Muslim–influenced curries). We don't particularly recommend…

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    Joo Hooi Cafe

    A conveniently located restaurant-style food court, close to the Chowrasta Bazaar, good for char kway teow (flat rice noodles, cockles and eggs fried in…