Gekū, the Outer Shrine of Ise-jingū, dates from the 5th century and enshrines the god of food, clothing and housing, Toyouke-no-Ōkami. Daily offerings of rice are made by shrine priests to the deity, who is charged with providing food to Amaterasu-Ōmikami, the goddess enshrined in the Naikū. A stall at the entrance to the shrine provides a leaflet in English with a map.

The main shrine building here is the Goshōden, about 10 minutes' walk from the shrine entrance.

Across the river from the Goshōden are three smaller shrines worth a look (and usually less crowded).

From Ise-shi Station or Uji-Yamada Station it's a 10-minute walk southwest down the main street, Gekū-sandō, to the shrine entrance. It's slightly easier to find if you start from Ise-shi Station (exit the south side).