Must-see entertainment in Kochi (Cochin)

  • Portrait of Kathakali dancer in full costume

    Kerala Kathakali Centre

    Kochi (Cochin)

    In an intimate, wood-lined theatre, this recommended long-running arts centre provides a useful introduction to Kathakali. It also hosts performances of…

  • Ens Kalari

    Kochi (Cochin)

    To see real professionals practising kalarippayat, seek out this renowned 65-year-old training school 6.5km southeast of central Ernakulam. There are…

  • Greenix Village

    Kochi (Cochin)

    Primarily aimed at tourists, this 'cultural village' seeks to put the full gamut of Keralan music and arts under one roof, with a small cultural museum …

  • See India Foundation

    Kochi (Cochin)

    One of the oldest Kathakali theatres in Kerala, this snug venue has small-scale shows with an emphasis on the religious and philosophical roots of…