Market in Bissau


Everything from fresh cherry tomatoes to oysters to black-and-white cloth embroidered with the image of Amílcar Cabral is for sale at Bissau's main market. It's sprawling and chaotic, lining the main artery out...

Arts & Crafts in Bissau

Cabaz di Terra

Diagonally across from Ta Mar Restaurant is Cabaz di Terra, which stocks Guinean throws, handbags and jewellery. Part of the store is devoted to condiments such as jars of honey, corked cashew juice and...

Arts & Crafts in Bissau

Centro de Arte Juvenil

Not only a good place to shop (prices are actually marked and there's no pressure to buy), but also a fine introduction to the arts and crafts of Guinea-Bissau's many ethnicities. Purchases help young trainees...