Must-see attractions in Guatemala

  • Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno

    Guatemala City

    Here you’ll find a collection of 20th-century Guatemalan art including works by well-known Guatemalan artists such as Carlos Mérida, Carlos Valente and…

  • Museo Katinamit

    Alta & Baja Verapaz

    Recreating a Poqomchi' house, this well-ordered museum features household items and everyday products, as well as art, textiles and tools that are still…

  • Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

    Flores & Santa Elena

    The double-domed Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (the Spaniards' original name for the isle of Flores) stands at the isle's summit, anchoring the Parque…

  • Complejo P


    About 1km north of the Gran Plaza is Complejo P. Like Complejo N, it's a Late Classic twin-temple complex that probably commemorated the end of a katun.

  • Complejo R


    Complejo R, about 300m north of the Gran Plaza, is a very Late Classic twin-pyramid complex with stelae and altars standing before the temples.

  • La Aurora Zoo

    Guatemala City

    This is not badly kept as far as zoos in this part of the world go, and the lovely, parklike grounds alone are worth the admission fee.

  • Plaza de las Sombras (Grupo Maler)

    El Petén

    The Plaza de las Sombras (aka Grupo Maler) is where archaeologists believe throngs of citizens once gathered for religious ceremonies.

  • Mercado Terminal


    The local market is always good for a wander, even if you're not looking to buy.

  • El Muñecón

    Caribbean Coast

    A statue of a dockworker; this is a favorite landmark and monument in the town.

  • Templo E-V

    El Petén

    Templo E-V is part of a complex of unexcavated temples at Grupo E.

  • Parque Arqueológico Kaminaljuyú

    Guatemala City

    Containing remnants of one of the first important cities in the Maya region, this park is just west of 23a Av and is some 4km west of the city center. At…

  • El Castillo de San Felipe

    Caribbean Coast

    The fortress and castle of San Felipe de Lara, El Castillo de San Felipe, about 3km west of Río Dulce town, was built in 1652 to keep pirates from looting…

  • Iglesia San Juan Bautista


    In 1976 a major earthquake caused widespread devastation in Comalapa and took the lives of 3500 inhabitants. The Iglesia San Juan Bautista, the town's…

  • Parque Natural Ixpanpajul

    El Petén

    At Parque Natural Ixpanpajul you can ride horses, mountain bikes or tractors, or zip line your way through the jungle canopy. The big attraction is the…

  • Museo Regional del Sureste de Petén

    El Petén

    Displaying some important finds from southern Petén sites, this small museum is the main draw of Dolores, a town 25km north of Poptún along the CA13. The…

  • Centro Comercial Santo Tomás


    Even on non-market days, the covered market on the north side of the square buzzes with activity. The fresh produce on display is a reflection of…

  • Topoxté

    El Petén

    On an island near the far (south) shore of Laguna Yaxhá is Topoxté, a Late Postclassic archaeological site, with ruined temples and dwellings – some 100…

  • Centro Turístico Cueva de las Minas

    Central & Eastern Guatemala

    This has a 50m-deep cave (bring your own light), grassy picnic areas and the Río El Milagro, where people come for a dip and say it's miraculous. The cave…

  • Arco Del Sexto Estado


    This monumental arch that greets all visitors on the road into Xela commemorates the 1897 Quetzalteca Revolution, a short-lived uprising in the city…

  • Museo de Historia Natural


    The natural history museum holds a hodgepodge of Maya artifacts, vintage photos, dried leaves, old coins, marimbas, sports trophies, stuffed mammals and…

  • Museo Arqueológico Regional


    Chichi's archaeology museum holds the collection of Hugo Rossbach, a German who served as the town's Catholic priest until his death in 1944. It includes…

  • Museo Maya Ixil


    The musical instruments, stone implements, weapons, indigenous outfits and archaeological finds crammed into this humble adobe home have been…

  • Iglesia y Convento de Belén


    In the garden outside this convent is a poignant statue of Hermano Pedro, the revered saint whose shadow looms large in Antigua. It was here that he died…

  • Monument to the Emigrant

    Western Highlands

    This enormous statue dominates the entrance to Salcajá. It depicts a striding figure with a backpack facing north, symbolising the many sons and daughter…

  • Museo Lacustre Atitlán


    Inside the Hotel Posada de Don Rodrigo, this museum has displays on the history of the Atitlán region and the volcanic eruptions that created its…

  • Museo Tz'unun 'Ya

    San Pedro La Laguna

    This museum focuses on the history of the Tz'utujil people and geology of the region, with a film on the formation of the lake and an interesting gallery…

  • Parque de Paz

    Santiago Atitlán

    During the civil war, Santiago became the first village in the country to succeed in expelling the army, following a notorious massacre of 13 villagers on…

  • Abandoned Train Station

    The Pacific Slope

    In the early 20th century, Retalhuleu was an important way station for cotton, coffee and sugar exports to the port at Champerico. The trains have long…

  • Centro Cívico

    Guatemala City

    Pride of Zona 4 (actually straddling its borders with Zonas 1 and 5) is the Centro Cívico, a set of large government and institutional buildings…

  • Museo de Arqueología y Etnología

    The Pacific Slope

    Retalhuleu has a small museum of archaeological relics from local Mayan sites, as well as an interesting collection of historic photos showing the town in…

  • Tuj K'man Txun

    Western Highlands

    This ceremonial site, 500m up the street beside the central plaza, consists of two wooden crosses upon a stone altar for contemporary Maya offerings. The…

  • Parque Minerva

    Guatemala City

    Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, technical skill and invention, was a favorite of President Manuel Estrada Cabrera. Her park is a placid place, good…

  • Municipalidad


    The Municipalidad, at the northeastern end of the park, was rebuilt after the 1902 earthquake in the grandiose neoclassical style so favored as a symbol…

  • Museo de Sololá

    Lago de Atitlán

    Housed atop the elaborate Swiss-built clock tower that fronts the city hall, the museum is devoted to photograph exhibits and the clock mechanism itself,…

  • Centro Cultural Metropolitano

    Guatemala City

    To the rear of the ground floor of the palacio de correos (post office), you'll find a surprisingly avant-garde cultural center, hosting art exhibitions,…

  • Museo del Ferrocarril de los Altos


    This museum covers the ambitious rail project that connected Quetzaltenango to the Pacific coast but operated for just three years, from 1930 to 1933…

  • Municipalidad (Town Hall)


    The block-long town hall building stands opposite the church. Though usually occupied by local citizenry taking care of their affairs, you may ascend to…

  • Convento de Santa Teresa


    Until recently the city prison, this edifice was initially built as a convent for the Carmelite order from Lima, Peru. Much of the interior was shattered…

  • Twin Pyramid Complex

    El Petén

    This largely unexcavated complex consists of two identical pyramids facing each other across a lawn. Similar to one of the arrangements at Tikal, it is…

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