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Adjacent to the national park, the Kielder Water & Forest Park is home to the vast artificial lake Kielder Water, holding 200,000 million litres. Surrounding its 27-mile-long shoreline is England's largest plantation forest, with 150 million spruce and pine trees.

The lack of population helped see the area awarded dark-sky status by the International Dark Skies Association in 2013 (the largest such designation in Europe), with controls to prevent light pollution.

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Hadrian's Wall, the Scottish Borders Tour from Edinburgh

First stop is Rosslyn Chapel. Scotland’s ‘best-kept secret’ has now achieved worldwide fame since the publication of ‘The Da Vinci Code’. An architectural gem, its superb stone carvings are still not fully understood. Further mystery surrounds the chapel and its association with the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. Many visitors leave with their own theory but all are amazed. The short walk through the glen to ancient Roslin Castle is also fascinating.You then travel south to the charming town of Melrose for lunch. The stunning ruined Abbey is the final resting place of King Robert the Bruce’s heart. You’ll then cross the ancient Scotland/England border at Carter Bar, a wonderful viewpoint in the Cheviot Hills.Hadrian’s Wall is the best-known frontier of the Roman Empire and a magnificent reminder of one of the world’s greatest civilisations. Built almost 2000 years ago to contain the fierce Picts in Caledonia it stretches for 73 miles and was designated a World Heritage Site in 1987. You stop at Housesteads Fort in Northumberland National Park, the best preserved Roman fort along Hadrian’s Wall. Here you’ll enjoy a nature walk along one of the most dramatic and photographed stretches of the wall. On return to Edinburgh you stop in the Border market town of Jedburgh to stretch your legs and for photos of the famous Abbey.

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Hadrian's Wall, Roman Britain and the Scottish Borders

You’ll meet your small-group in central Edinburgh and travel by comfortable minicoach along Dere Street, a Roman road that linked ports in southern England to Roman settlements in central Scotland. After an hour-long drive you’ll reach your first destination, the historic town of Jedburgh, where you’ll walk through narrow streets, passing the 12th-century Jedburgh Abbey, an Augustinian abbey. Next, you’ll drive to Carter Bar, the crossing point between Scotland and England. Snap photos on the border, and then continue through the magnificent landscape of Northumberland National Park to Steel Rigg, where you can see large sections of Hadrian’s Wall. Built in the 2nd-century AD during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, the Wall is the greatest monument of Roman Britain and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk along the wall where Roman soldiers guarded their empire's border millennia ago.Next you’ll drive west to Lanercost village, the western gateway to Hadrian’s Wall, and the location of many battles in the centuries-long Anglo-Scottish wars. You’ll stop for lunch in a local restaurant (own expense) and enjoy the atmosphere of the charming village. After lunch, you’ll drive to nearby Birdoswald, which is one of the best-preserved forts of the 16 that were built along Hadrian’s Wall and the longest continuous remaining stretch of the wall. You’ll explore the extensive remains as your guide explains the features of the ancient Roman fortifications, including some recent excavations. When you have taken in the sights at Birdoswald, you’ll re-board your minicoach and start the journey back to Edinburgh, with a stop in the Victorian spa town Moffat, before crossing through the Southern Uplands and Scottish Borders to return to Edinburgh.

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Viking Coast, Alnwick Castle Small-Group Tour from Edinburgh

Your scenic drive follows the North Sea coastline before crossing the Scotland/England border into historic Northumberland. Located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty you cross the Pilgrims Way onto Holy Island where there’s plenty of time to enjoy a short walk to 16th century Lindisfarne Castle, visit the Priory where the famous Lindisfarne Gospels were created and enjoy the spectacular views to Bamburgh Castle and the Farne Islands. Holy Island was settled by Irish monks circa AD635 and from here the Christian message spread throughout the north of England. In 793 a fierce Viking invasion of the island heralded the beginning of the Viking Age.Arriving at Alnwick Castle around lunchtime you’ll stop here for a minimum of two-and-a-half hours. This amazing castle, one of Europe’s finest, has been the centre of many historical events – from bloodthirsty battles between the Scots and English to the intrigue of the Guy Fawkes plot. Its sumptuous setting and exquisite architecture has famously been used as a filming location, including the Harry Potter movies (Hogwarts) and Downton Abbey. Visit the new Downton Abbey exhibition featuring costumes, photography and props from the series and enjoy ‘Harry Spotter Tours’, revisiting some of your favourite scenes. Next door to the castle is the world-renowned Alnwick Garden, several acres of beautiful parks, woodland walks and the Poison Garden.The return home takes you through beautiful Border country and Northumberland National Park.

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A Roam With A Roman

We have chosen Cawfields as our start location on Hadrian’s Wall as there is a wealth of archaeological information visible on the ground. You will be able to see Hadrian’s Wall, a Milecastle, and one of the best preserved sections of the Vallum, the defence ditch running parallel, resting south of the wall. Cawfields also has some of the best views across the rugged moorland vistas of the Northumberland National Park.Your guide Venutius, is a local Celtic Cheiftain, of the Brigante tribe. He will discuss life before the Roman invasion, life during the 368 years of Roman rule and the purpose of the Wall.Car parking a facilities are available at Cawfields.  Our guide will be on hand to meet you at Cawfields then lead the tour on Hadrian's Wall.

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Rosslyn and Hadrian's Wall - Spanish Tour Guide

The tour departs at 8:45 am from edinburgh and returns to original departure point at approximately 8:00 pm. • From Edinburgh to Rosslyn We will leave Edinburgh to stop in the village of Roslin, where we will able to see the ruins of its castle and the famous Rosslyn Chapel, a Gothic structure built during the XV century that maintains its mysterious attraction. It is well known all over the world for the connections established by Dan Brown with masonic and Templar theories.   • Jedburgh                                                                                                                          Later on we will cross the green fields of the Lowlands, and we will reach Jedburgh, a small town in the border between England and Scotland. • From Jedburgh to the Hadrian's wall After crossing the border, we will go through the Northumberland National Park, one of the most important National Parks in England, where we will visit the main attraction of our journey: Hadrian's Wall. This structure, UNESCO World Heritage, it is one of the most impressive Roman works of engineering. It splits the Island in two parts, and it was the Empire Northern frontier. We will also visit the military camp of Vindolanda. • From Gretna Green to Edinburgh After this main visit, we will see the charming village of Gretna Green, one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations, where we will be able to rest and enjoy its wonderful environment before our way back to Edinburgh.

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Hadrian's Wall & The Scottish Borders Luxury Private Day Tour with Chauffeur

Your Hadrian's Wall & The Scottish Borders Sightseeing Tour starts in Edinburgh, ensuring a great start your chauffeur will do a full introduction and point out all the on-board facilities in the vehicle. Once the formalities are out of the way they will run through the itinerary for the day and ensure all the passengers are comfortable and answer any questions before setting off. • You travel on old Roman Dere Street, which linked the supply ports of the south of England up to modern day Scotland. • Your first stop on this tour is the border town of Jedburgh, a historic burgh dominated by a magnificent 12th century Augustinian Abbey. • On arrival in Jedburgh, you may have time to take a short walk through the narrow streets and visit this impressive ruin. • Continuing south we make a stop at the scenic Carter Bar on the edge of the Cheviot Hills. This crossing point between Scotland and England runs close to the ancient Roman road and has formed the border between the two countries for the past 700 years. • The tour continues through the magnificent forests of Northumberland National Park before turning west towards Hadrian’s Wall. • We follow the road that takes us along the south side of the wall, stopping at Steel Rigg. You have time to walk beside the wall and experience the isolation that Roman foot soldiers would have experienced as they guarded their empire from the ‘barbarians’ to the north. • You continue your journey along the wall where your driver will recommend the best of the sites to visit. You have time to explore sections of the wall or the remains of the Roman settlements before you turn north and travel back to Edinburgh through the Galloway hills, the Door to Door experience helps you enjoy the full tour without the worry of finding you way back after a busy day exploring Hadrian's Wall and the Scottish Borders.

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