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$999 Multi-day & Extended Tours

5- Day San Cristobal Galapagos Island Hopping Express

Day 1: San Cristobal Island/ Transfer in + Tijeretas & Carola Beach You will be picked-up at the airport by your private certified guide and he will take you to the hotel. After your lunch with the guide you will visit the Interpretation Center, where the guide will talk to you about the formation, colonization and actual situation of the islands. Then you will follow the trail to the Frigate bird hill, a viewpoint from which you have a beautiful view over the island. You will be able to snorkel the shallow waters of Tijeretas Bay or Carola beach, where you can see sea lions, various tropical fishes, and turtles. Your small hike will finish at Carola beach from where you will go back to the hotel and have the rest of the day freetime.Meals included: Lunch Day 2:  San Cristobal Island / Free TimeBreakfast - FREE DAY to explore Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in your own. You can spend a day at  at Loberias Beach  for snorkeling or just walk to El Junco, Galapaguera for a day-tour or simply relax in the town.Day 3: San Cristobal / Lobos Island On a 30 min boat ride from the port you arrive on Lobos Island, as it name implies a home to a large sea lion colony. But that’s not the only thing you’ll find while you’ll hike and snorkel at the island on this half day tour. During the hike, you hopefully spot blue footed boobies, marine iguanas and frigate birds, while during snorkeling you can often see the marine iguanas eating, as well as rays and turtles in the sandy bottom that separates Lobos Island from the mainland of San Cristobal. This tour is includes a stop at Playa Ochoa. In the early afternoon you be back at the port and have the rest of the afternoon freetime. Meals: Breakfast and Lunch Day 4: San Cristobal Island/ Kicker Rock  You will visit the famous Kicker Rock (Leon Dormido – sleeping Lion), a volcanic formation amid the ocean. There you will be able to snorkel with sharks, rays, turtles and if you are luck also with hammerhead sharks! After lunch on the boat you will go to a beautiful, pristine beach, where you will have time to relax. At afternoon you will be back at the port. The rest of the day is at your leisure. You can watch the sunset on Playa Mann or you can go to Loberia (about $5 each way by taxi). There you can walk the Barranco cliff trailMeals included: Breakfast and Lunch Day 5: Transfer to the airport For the last part of your trip to the airport you will take the public bus. Your driver will accompany you until the check-in point where your program ends with your return flight to the mainland.Meals included: Breakfast

$225 Water Sports

Galapagos Islands Kicker Rock Scuba Dive for Certified Divers

Your certified-dive adventure begins as you meet your instructor at the dive shop in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. From there, you will head to Kicker Rock which is about 45 minutes away. This protected marine reserve holds amazing scenery and marine life which you will encounter as you enjoy the dives. You will first head to Cerro Brujo and Kicker Rock. Here, you will check all your equipment and gear and receive a safety briefing. Then, you will enjoy snorkeling and practice for a while. Admire the beautiful surroundings and encounter amazing wildlife. You will stay here until noon and then head to Kicker Rock for a wonderful dive experience. Here, you will spend around 3 hours diving. The depth ranges from 10 to 40 meters (30 to 130 feet) and it is a great place to spot pelagics, schooling fish, octopus and invertebrates. The wall dive is usually performed using the light to moderate current to drift. Visibility is often 10 to 15 meters (30 to 50 feet) and surge moderate closer to the wall. You can also encounter Hammerhead sharks and Galapagos Shark during the dive. After a wonderful adventure, you will head back to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Note: Being a protected marine reserve, the itinerary for the activity of diving in San Cristobal may change according to the day to better preserve dive sites for future generations.

$175 Day Trips & Excursions

Kicker Rock Day Trip from San Cristobal Island in Galapagos

The day before your tour, the guide will come to your hotel to explain some basic guidelines for your trip. You will also try on your snorkeling suit for nxt day. On the day of the tour, meet with your guide at 7:30 am at Pueto Baquerizo Dock. Get ready for 1 1/2 hour navigation towards your Kicker Rick Galapagos snorkeling adventure. The day-tour will have two visiting sites. The fist one will be the underwater of the Kicker Rock lava formations. This is one of the most outstanding snorkeling sites in the Galapagos. On the surface you may catch sight of some of the many birds inhabiting the towers emerging from the ocean floor. You can spot Nazca boobies, blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds and tropicbirds. Get ready to snorkel alongside the most iconic Galapagos wildlife. Hammerheads, sea turtles, Galapagos sharks inhabit the area. The walls are connected below the surface though a 60ft deep channel running between them.  On a good day, you can see the sandy-looking bottom of the channel formed by the two towering Kicker Rock walls. This spot hosts rich wildlife. This day trip also has a add-on activity. Depending on the day, the tour will be complemented either with a snorkeling visit to Cerro Tijeretas Bay, or a visit to a deserted beach (Manglesito, Puerto Grande or similar) to observe wildlife and relax in the pristine sand. A box lunch will be served in the boat as these parts of the islands are inhabited. You will head back to the boat and return to San Cristobal. Return time is scheduled around 4pm.IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to fulfill this tour, you must be at San Cristobal (Puerto Baquerizo) one day prior to departure. IMPORTANT NOTE: The add-on activity for this tour will take place either before or after the snorkeling excursion in Kicker Rock. The site for the add-on activity will depend on the day of the tour and will be chosen on-site by the guide.  What to Expect:Location: 2 hours from the Coast of San Cristobal Island, Northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Wildlife: Variety of sharks and rays including Spotted Eagle Rays, White-tip Reef sharks, the ellusive Galapagos Shark and Hammerheads, Galapgos Sea Turetles, Sea Lions, colourful reef fish like Mexican hogfish, yellowtail surgeonfish, parrotfish, Sergeant major fish, pufferfish, hawkfish, rainbow wrasse and many more. Birdlife includes:  Nazca boobies,  Tropicbirds, Blue-footed Boobies and Frigatebirds. Difficulty Level: Moderate – open water snorkeling. Activities: Snorkeling, swimming, short beach hike.

$611.72 Multi-day & Extended Tours


B = Breakfast includedL = Lunch includedD = Dinner includedDAY 1 (D):TRANSFER IN – LA LOBERIAYour tour will start at San Cristobal airport (SCY). The guide will pick you up at the arrivals area of the airport and will take you to the highlands of San Cristobal. You will go to La Loberia beach where you can snorkel and you might be accompanied by sea lions and beautiful fish. You have some time to relax at the beach before you will be dropped off at your hotel where you can relax. In the evening you will have a delicious local dinner waiting for you.Accommodation in Casa Playa Mann or similar.DAY 2 (B, BL):KICKER ROCKToday you will have a day tour to Kicker Rock, with lunch and snorkeling equipment included. You will go there with a small boat to see the lava formation in the middle of the ocean. This lava formation is called Kicker Rock or León Dormido in Spanish as they say it looks like a sleeping sea lion.First you will circle around the rock formation to observe the different bird species that use the rock formation as a resting or nesting place. Afterwards the boat will anchor and you can jump of the boat to snorkel the canal in between the rock formation. Beware that the water currents can be strong and that you will be snorkeling in open waters without being able to see the bottom. Here you will be able to spot different shark species (sometimes even hammerheads), turtles, rays, and more. In some seasons you might encounter jellyfish which can sting you, however a wetsuit will be provided when this is the case.After snorkeling you will continue to Playa Manglecito or a similar beach. This white coral beach offers the opportunity to walk around, relax and swim in shallow waters before returning to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. You will have a box lunch on board.Accommodation in Casa Playa Mann or similar.DAY 3 (B):PLAYA MANN SELF GUIDED – TRANSFER OUTIn the morning you might have some time to visit Playa Mann, Las Tijeretas or the interpretation center by yourself (This depends on your flight schedule). At Playa Mann you can snorkel and see some sea lions. After this you will be brought to the airport (SCY). The tour will end upon arrival to the airport.

$1184.49 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-5 Days San Cristobal expedition (comfort class)

DAY 1:SAN CRISTOBAL – FREE AFTERNOONToday you will arrive to the airport of San Cristobal, one of the Galapagos Islands. You will be picked up at the airport and transferred by private transport with an English speaking contact person to your hotel in the town Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Here you will have a meet & greet with one of out staff members who will explain the rest of the itinerary to you. The rest of the afternoon is free or walk to the interpretation center, the beaches or Tijeretas. Accommodation in Comfort hotel: Hotel Casa Opuntia or similarDAY 2 (B, L):KICKER ROCK Today you will have a day tour to Kicker Rock. With a small boat you set for the lava formation in the middle of the ocean called Kicker Rock (or León Dormido in Spanish as they say it looks like a sleeping sea lion).  Afterwards the boat will anchor and you will jump of the boat to snorkel the canal in between the rock formation. Here you might be able to spot different shark species turtles, rays, and more. After snorkeling you will continue to Manglecito or a similar beach. Accommodation in Comfort hotel: Hotel Casa Opuntia or similarDAY 3 (B, L):EL JUNCO  – PUERTO CHINO – LA GALAPAGUERA Today you will have a half day tour to the highlands of San Cristobal. El Junco Crater Lake, the only freshwater lake on the Galapagos Islands. Afterwards you continue driving to Puerto Chino. From the top you have an amazing view and you might see some sea turtles in the turquoise seawater. You will continue to La Galapaguera. Along the way you might have to step over a tortoise, as they walk around loose in the area!Accommodation in Comfort hotel: Hotel Casa Opuntia or similarOPTIONAL DAY 4 (B, L): ESPAÑOLAEarly in the morning after 2 hours the boat arrives at Punta Suarez. The trail leads to a cliff on the southern side of the island overlooking the ocean. Here you will have the chance to go snorkeling for about 1.5 hours. A few underwater caves teem with wildlife. The occasional massive manta ray or spotted eagle ray may glide by as white-tipped reef sharks nap on the ocean floor in rocky areas. Afterwards you will have lunch on board and will head back to Puerto Baquerizo.Accommodation in Comfort hotel: Hotel Casa Opuntia or similarDAY 4 /5 (B):TRANSFER OUTDepending on flight times, an airport transfer with Spanish speaking driver is arranged. 

$807 Multi-day & Extended Tours

4-Day Wild San Cristobal Tour

This tour include these activities:DAY 1:o Transfer ino High land:The highlands of San Cristobal exhibit distinctly different biozones than the other inhabited islands. The first stop on this trans-island journey is at El Junco, a freshwater lagoon nested in the center of the islands. Here you can view Frigatebirds and other water fowl bathing in the lagoon. Unfortunately, you will not be able to join them in the inviting water. Moving on from the lagoon you will stop at La Galapaguera, San Cristobal's Tortoise research and conservation center, where a short walk through the jungle allows you to see and learn about this island's growing Tortoise population in a natural setting. The road ends at Puerto Chino beach, which is a remote bay on the southeast side of the islandDAY 2:o “Lobo” Island & Ochoa Beach:Lobos Island is a small flat island, located 10 kilometers northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, on the coast of San Cristobal Island. Isla Lobos The name is given because it is home to several sea lions frolicking on the beach and brown fur stands on the white sand. It is separated by a channel of San Cristobal Island peaceful little island.During the tour you pass through an area of dry vegetation, substrate of volcanic rocks and a sandy area. In addition to the Lobos Island you can see marine iguanas, lava lizards Chatham, snake Eastern Galapagos footed boobies blue, swallow-tailed gulls, turns stones, common beach, canary Mary, zayapa, sea lion Galapagos, gaviotín White head.During the boat trip on Isla Lobos can observe brown pelicans, various species of shorebirds; however during the snorkel it is common the presence of juvenile sea lions, stingrays and sea turtles.DAY 3:o “Leon Dormido”:One of the best spots for snorkeling, Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido is an amazing rock formation near San Cristobal Island.This amazing landmark located about an hour and a half to the north east of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Kicker Rock / Leon Dormido is a remnant of a vertical tuff cone formation, rising almost 153 meters (500 feet) from the ocean.The erosion has given the rock its characteristic shape, which some see as a shoe, hence the name Kicker Rock. Others see it as a sleeping sea lion or Leon Dormido in Spanish.While we snorkel around Kicker Rock we can spot sea turtles, marine iguanas, rays, Galapagos sharks, tropical fish and if luck is on our side we can even see hammerhead sharks. Besides enjoying the underwater view, we can usually see blue-footed boobies, masked boobies and frigatebirds on the cliffs as well as sea lions along the shore.DAY 4:o Transfer out