Entertainment in Santiago

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    Estadio Cibao

    Santiago’s Águilas baseball team is one of six in the country and the most successful in the league's history. Watching local fans root for the home side is almost as fun as the games themselves, held two to three times a week in winter. The 18,000-seat stadium is northwest of the city center and tickets start at RD$50 for the bleachers; it’s wise to book in advance.

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    Dao al Pecao

    This original Caribbean tapas bar occupies a colorful refurbished mansion filled with art and tropical plants. It's a high-energy place for weekend cocktails, inventive snacks and live music. Unique dishes include pork and mamajuana (a spirit made with herbs, dried bark, rum, wine and honey) empanadas and artisanal chorizo (mains RD$150).