Must see restaurants in Santiago de Cuba

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    Roy's Terrace Inn Roof Garden Restaurant

    If only the rest of Cuba could harness this formula: quality homemade food, caring service and excellent atmosphere. Reserve one day ahead for one of only…

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    A well-respected, good-quality option, Madrileño occupies a classy colonial abode in Vista Alegre with interior patio dining with chirping birds. Contrary…

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    St Pauli

    In a city of no great culinary tradition, St Pauli arrived like a hurricane. Walk the long, mural-decorated corridor to a bright room featuring blackboard…

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    Ristorante Italiano La Fontana

    Pizza deliciosa and lasagna formidable, ravioli and garlic bread; mamma mía, this has to be the number-one option for breaking away from all that chicken…

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    Restaurante El Morro

    Bravo to the spectacular cliffside location sporting huge sea views. Classics, such as roast chicken and pork, are nicely presented. A busload of European…

  • B
    Bendita Farándula

    You would probably never wander in here unbidden, but with an ambience reminiscent of a provincial French bistro, this cozy two-floored place does…

  • E
    El Palenquito

    Barbecue is the specialty of this casual backyard restaurant on the outskirts of Santiago. Grilled pork and chicken are served with the typical sides, but…

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    Restaurante Zunzún

    Dine in bygone bourgeois style in this mansion turned restaurant, Zunzún, in the once upscale Vista Alegre neighborhood. It has always been lauded, though…

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    Ranchon Los Naranjo

    On a hilly residential street by Meliá, this open-air restaurant offers great-value meals. Grilled fish and lamb stewed in tomato sauce come recommended…

  • T
    Thoms Yadira Restaurante

    This convivial upstairs restaurant just off Parque Céspedes turns out consistently high-quality seafood favorites including grilled lobster, pasta dishes…

  • L
    La Arboleda

    Santiago's ice cream cathedral is a little out of the center, not that this lessens the queue length. Yell out ¿Quién es último? (who is last?) and take…

  • E
    El Holandes

    A small, pleasing paladar (privately owned restaurant) with seating indoors or on a pleasant elevated terrace. The food is classic Cuban, the setting…

  • J
    Jardín de las Enramadas

    Occupying a block just down from the casco histórico en route to the port, this garden is devoted to ornamental plants and great ice cream (which comes…

  • L
    La Fortaleza

    In a conducive setting amid Vista Alegre's mansions, this spacious, inviting shady patio serves above-average food (pay in pesos) alongside live music at…

  • E
    El Barracón

    El Barracón tries to reignite the roots of Afro-Cuban culture and cuisine with mixed results. The state-run restaurant's interior, a mix of atmospheric…

  • C
    Cafe Hotel Casa Granda

    Positioned like a whitewashed theater box overlooking the unscripted cabaret of Parque Céspedes, the Casa Granda's Parisian-style terrace cafe has to be…

  • R
    Restaurante España

    Get ready for the Arctic blast of air-conditioning and readjust your Cuban-food preconceptions before you walk into España. It specializes in seafood…

  • S
    Santiago 1900

    In the former Bacardí residence you can dine on the standard chicken, fish or pork for Cuban pesos in a plush dining room that recently recovered its fin…

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    Compay Gallo

    Upstairs in a typical narrow Santiago street on the cusp of the city center, Compay Gallo does classic Cuban food with mixed results. Try the prawn…

  • P
    Panadería Doña Neli

    Hard-currency bakery on Plaza de Marte, vending divine-smelling bread and cakes with a scowl.