Must see shopping in Bogotá

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    Artesanías de Colombia

    This classy shop has higher-end crafts (lots of home accessories, plus bags, toys, hammocks and some clothing), and 70% of the profits go directly back to…

  • Hacienda Santa Bárbara

    This mall is built around a colonial casona (a large, old house; 1847), making the place a fine combination of historic and modern architecture, and it's…

  • Brincabrinca

    This small coffee bar doubles as a seller of super-hip T-shirts designed by Colombian and international contest winners.

  • M

    This excellent Usaquén shop houses a limited but extremely well done selection of weekly rotating Fair Trade handicrafts from 50 artisan-driven…

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    Mercado de San Alejo

    This city-center classic fills a parking lot with a host of yesteryear items (posters, books, knickknacks) that are fun to sift through.

  • G
    Gems Metal

    Dealer Oscar Baquero is one of Bogotá's most reliable emerald dealers, with nearly 40 years experience in industry. English is spoken.

  • Librería Lerner

    Stocks many Spanish-language guidebooks on Colombia and the full gamut of maps, including the Movistar guía de rutas por Colombia (a color map/guide; COP…

  • La Casona del Museo

    This old building near the Museo del Oro doubles as a kind of colonial-style mall, filled with a convenient and cheerful collection of souvenir stands…

  • Pasaje Rivas

    A couple of blocks west of Plaza de Bolívar, this craft market is a good spot for cheap touristy and nontouristy buys, including lots of straw hats, T…

  • San Miguel

    Open for nearly 75 years, this classic milliner is the best of the bunch on the block. Mostly felt fedoras and cowboy hats, pressed before your eyes.

  • Camping Amarelo

    This small shop sells all the camping gear you'll need, including tents, which start at COP$390,000, and boots. Also rents.

  • Atlantis Plaza

    Modern mall with ATMs, Hard Rock Café and a multiplex cinema.

  • S
    San Andresito

    One of Bogotá’s biggest shopping areas is San Andresito, which spreads over several city blocks. It’s packed with a couple of thousand stalls that have…

  • Q
    Quevedo Libros y Antiguedades

    Swapping books in hostels might not always lead to a good read. Improve your options browsing the shelves of this crammed bookshop, home to a rather…

  • P
    Plaza Central de Usaquén

    Just north of the main square in the village-like Usaquén, you'll find stallholders selling food, colorful purses, assorted handicrafts and bamboo…

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    Parque de los Periodistas

    Facing La Candelaria’s north end, this market is really about junk – old radios, electronics, videotapes, tools and whatnot.