Must see attractions in Bogotá

  • S
    Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen

    With Spanish colonial architecture dominating the historical centre, this peculiar Gothic-style church, adorned with Byzantine and Arabic art, is a rare…

  • E
    Espacio KB

    One of several edgy art galleries that have sprung up in San Felipe, Bogotá's next cusp-of-cool barrio, this house-turned-gallery is a magnet for the city…

  • M
    Museo Colonial

    This museum occupies a one-time Jesuit college and traces the evolution of how religious and portrait art pieces are made, particularly by Colombia's…

  • C
    Capilla del Sagrario

    This small baroque cathedral has more to see than its bigger brother next door, the Catedral Primada, including six large paintings by Gregorio Vásquez.

  • Catedral Primada

    This neoclassical cathedral stands on the site where the first Mass may have been celebrated after Bogotá was founded in 1538 (some historians argue that…

  • Palacio de San Carlos

    This colossal edifice has seen a few lives, notably as the presidential HQ of Simón Bolívar, who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt here in 1828…

  • Museo El Chicó

    Housed in a fine 18th-century casona (large, rambling house) surrounded by what was once a vast hacienda. It features a collection of historic objects of…

  • Museo de Arte Moderno

    Opened in the mid-1980s in a spacious hall designed by revered local architect Rogelio Salmona, MAMBO focuses on various forms of visual arts (painting,…

  • Iglesia La Tercera

    Boasts a fine stone facade and lovely wood-carved altars in walnut and cedar set on white walls below a wood-carved ceiling.

  • M
    Museo de La Salle

    This natural-science museum at La Salle University uses the science of taxidermy to preserve and promote Colombia’s rich biodiversity. The three floors of…

  • P
    Palacio de Justicia

    On the northern side of the plaza, this massive, rather styleless edifice serves as the seat of the Supreme Court.

  • O
    Observatorio Astronómico

    Conceptualized by celebrated Colombian botanist José Celestino Mutis, the 1803 tower is reputedly the first astronomical observatory built on the…

  • M

    A short walk from the bus station in the planned neighborhood of Salitre, Maloka is a kid-oriented interactive center of science and technology. Lots of…

  • E
    Edificio Liévano

    On the western side of the plaza, this French-style building is now home to the alcaldía (mayor's office). The building was erected between 1902 and 1905.

  • Iglesia de San Ignacio

    The Jesuits began this iconic church in 1610 and, although opened for worship in 1635, it was not completed until their expulsion in 1767. It was the…

  • I
    Iglesia de la Veracruz

    Iglesia de la Veracruz is known as the National Pantheon because many of the heroes of the struggle for independence have been buried here.