Beacon Tower

Top choice tower in Yulin

Seven kilometres north of the Yúlín bus station, on the outskirts of town, are some badly eroded sections of the Great Wall and this imposing Ming-era four-storey beacon tower that dates to 1607 (and has been much restored recently). You can climb to the top for long views and also walk past old eroded and wind-blasted sections of wall and the stump of a disintegrated watchtower.

There are also two old surviving Siberian elm trees that Yúlín (literally Siberian Elm Forest) is named after; the tree species, now virtually wiped out here, once grew in abundance along the river. Bus 5 (¥1) runs here from Changcheng Nanlu (长城南路), about 200m west of the main bus station. Take the bus to Zhènběitái, which is the last stop, walk in the same direction a further 30m and then turn right; you will see the beacon tower on the hilltop.