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Self-Guided Private Tour: Jiankou Great Wall from Beijing

Departing from your hotel in Beijing in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle to the Great Wall at Jiankou section. Choose your preferred start time from the options when make booking, but this can be flexible. The journey from Beijing to Jiankou Great Wall will take about 2 hours. Upon your arrival, spend some quality time on the Great Wall of Jiankou, enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore around on your own. If you look carefully at the recent published Great Wall photographic arts, you will quickly figure out that most of the pictures are taken from Jiankou Great Wall section. Due to its unique style, steep mountains and beautiful scenery, Jiankou Great Wall has become a hot travel destination and also a photographic hot spot these days. Jiankou is a "wild" (unrepaired) section of the Great Wall. It was built on ridges with steep cliffs on each side, which makes it one of the most dangerous sections. It's only recommended for experienced and sure-footed mountain hikers. Jiankou is about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Beijing. It connects the Great Wall at Mutianyu to the east with Huanghuacheng Jiankou Great Wall was built in 1368 during the period of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Jiankou's section was built along a mountain ridge with particularly steep cliffs, and looks like an elongated 'W' from above, which is similar to the shape of a bow. After your hike at Jiankou Great Wall, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Beijing.

$268.99 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Great Wall Hiking Tour from Beijing: Jiankou, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai West

Day 1: Beijing -- Jiankou – Mutianyu -- Gubeikou (L, D)Meet your guide in central Beijing and hop in an air-conditioned vehicle for a 2.5-hour drive to Jiankou, where you'll begin your moderate 6-mile (10-km) hike along original sections of the Great Wall. As you hike up hill for the first hour, admire sweeping vistas and notice the elaborate stonework and roofs of structures and statues. You’ll also meander through dense jungles and bushes. Throughout your hike, you’ll be provided with water and snacks. At midday, take a rest break to enjoy a picnic lunch, which your guide will provide for you.Reach the restored Mutianyu section, where you’ll then drive to Gubeikou for an overnight stay at a local farmer's guesthouse. Walk around the village with your guide and learn how it played an important role in defending the capital during the Ming Dynasty. Then, discover the quaint rural lifestyle of local farmers as you relax and mingle with the farmers over an authentic, home-cooked Chinese meal including dumplings.Day 2: Gubeikou – Jinshanling -- Simatai West – Beijing (B, L)After a typical farmer’s breakfast, drive 20 minutes to Jinshanling to begin your 3-mile (5-km) hike at 8am. At this time, few other tourists are at the wall, so you can take postcard-worthy photographs. Hike for three hours with your guide, making a detour at Kylin Tower to head to Simatai West, an extremely photogenic, untamed section of the wall that offers some of the best hiking around. Its numerous towers and steep gradients offer constantly changing perspectives and wide, open views. After your hike, relax on the ride back to Beijing. When you arrive, enjoy a traditional Chinese lunch at Wangfujing shopping district.

$96.64 Day Trips & Excursions

Wild Great Wall Hiking Day Tour from Jiankou to Mutianyu

You will be picked up from your centrally located hotel in Beijing and spend around 2 hours on the air conditioned tour bus to get to Jiankou Great Wall. When you arrive at Xizhazi, the foot of Jiankou Great Wall, there is another one-hour physically demanding hike uphill to reach Zhengbeikou Tower. The difficulty of the walk from Xizhazi to Zhengbeilou is moderate for most of people. The initial trail from Xizhazi is a little bit hard to follow with not much of infrastructure. From Zhengbeilou, you'll see all the parts of Jiankou Great Wall and the view is magnificent. You'll hike to the east of Zheng Bei Lou, heading for Mutianyu, instead of the west, which is the most difficult and dangerous section of Jiankou Great Wall. The entire hike from Zheng Bei Lou (mid-part at Jiankou) to Mutianyu covers 3-5 hours, over approximately 6.2 miles. If you are looking for a quiet section of the Great Wall, this is the right one for you. You might hardly meet any tourists on the way, maybe a few small groups. Lunch will be served after the hiking (another 20min drive from Mutianyu when you get down). Lunch consists of Chinese food and different dishes, with rice as the main food. After lunch, you will be transferred back to downtown Beijing.

$43 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Beijing Transfer Service to Gubeikou Great Wall

Departing from your hotel in Beijing in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle to the Great Wall at Jiankou section. Choose your start time between 6am to 12:00,but this can be flexible as well. The journey from Beijing to Gubeikou Great Wall will take about 2 hours.Upon your arrival, spend some quality time on the Great Wall of Gueikou, enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore around on your own.Your driver will offer you a piece of paper with the map of Gubeikou Section ,as well as the tips and suggestions, you can choose the routine which suites you. Centuries ago, Gubeikou was a strategic pass which provided much needed access to Inner Mongolia and northeast China. Wars were common to gain control of this point and continued until the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Remnants of past battles can be seen on some of the broken bricks and stones.The Gubeikou Great Wall has never been reconstructed.This section stretching for about 25 miles (40 kilometers), there are 172 watchtowers, 14 beacon towers, 16 passes, 3 water passes, 3 barbicans, and 6 fortresses along it. After your hike at Gubeikou Great Wall, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Beijing.Please note:1:You will travel in either an air-conditioned sedan (for 1 to 3 people) or an air-conditioned minivan (for 4 to 9 people) or an air-conditioned minibus(10-15 people)2: This is a self-guided tour. If you need an English speaking tour guide with the additional cost,please add it on "Special requirement" field when make booking.3:We cannot guarantee an English-speaking driver. Due to their availability, you may have a Chinese speaking driver, but they know exactly where to pick you up and where to drop you off. Guest can use their phone to call our translator if need during the ride.

$77 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Hike from Beijing: Go Beyond The Jiankou and Mutianyu Great Wall

Your private tour guide will meet you at your hotel lobby in the morning, and take you to Jiankou Great wall by private transfer (1.5 hours). Xizhazi Village (altitude 587m/1,926ft) is the start point of this hiking route towards Zhengbeilou, one of the ruined towers on the Wall (altitude 830m/2,723ft). On the half way to Zhengbeilou, you will have a short walk to a broken tower where you can capture the best scenery of Jiankou. You will take a break here and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. After a short break, keep going to Zhengbeilou. You will be able to see the spectacular panorama of Jiankou and its basin terrain. Then, you continue hike towards to Mutianyu, and there are a few vertical climbs and scrambles along the way. Due to the overgrown bushes, you will have to walk along the Wall edge. After passing through many towers along the way, you’ll reach a precipitous section - Ox Horn Edge (altitude 1,011m / 3,317ft). Take a forest detour from this point for another 10 minutes, you will go back to Jiankou again. After a short walk, you will reach the Mutianyu section. Here are the 3 choices of going down from Great Wall: Take cable car (own pay) down at Tower 14 to the exit .Continue walking to Tower 10 where you can get off Mutianyu then walk down the hill trail to reach the exit, (1.5 hours)Continue walking to Tower 6 then go down by slideway/liftchair (own pay). Since the track is very easy to follow, your guide will meet you at the exit of slideway/liftchair. You can enjoy the additional hike on your own. After hiking, you will enjoy a tasty lunch (included) in a local restaurant nearby, then head back to Beijing.

$113 Outdoor Activities

Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Hiking Day Tour

Your private guide and driver would meet you in hotel lobby at assigned time . It will take 2 hours driving from hotel to Jiankou. We will stop at village (bottom of Jiankou Great Wall ) The village we call it “XiZhaZi.” You have to climb 40-50 minutes mountain , then you couldreach on Jiankou Great Wall .  The Jiankou section is known for its ruggedness and wild beauty, and you will be in awe of the marvelous views it affords. When you reach on Jiankou Great Wall , you will see a deserted watchtower that gives you a panoramic view of the entire valley. In the early morning the view is priceless with its morning fog. This section of the wall is not well known by tourists. So you may alone on the wall in the early morning.You will start your hiking from “Zhengbeilou” where is best location for taking pictures. Another highlight of Jiankou is the enemy observation tower known as, ‘eagle flies facing upward’( "Ying Fei Dao Yang"), so named because this watchtower was erected on the highest peak in the area, and eagles and hawks often perch on it. So don’t hike to that direction. It is too dangerous for hiking.It will take 2.5-3 hours from “Zhengbeilou” to Mutianyu part Tower #14.  You could take cable car down from here ,if you don’t want to more hiking .It will take around 1 hour from Tower #14 to Tower #6 where is toboggan down station. It lots fine. Highly recommended.The day trip will take you around 9 hours total .

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