Underground Fortress

Fortress in Haila'er

In the mid-1930s, during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria, this network of tunnels was constructed by the Japanese army in the grasslands north of Hǎilā’ěr. The site contains a museum, a monument and old tanks and artillery guns to climb on. Inside the freezing, spooky tunnels you can peek into ‘rooms’ where soldiers bunked and a hospital was located.

The site is 4km northwest of the train station; you’ll need an hour to see everything. A single taxi journey between the tunnels and the town centre costs about ¥40. If you want the taxi to wait, then a round trip will be around ¥100. Alternatively, the tunnels are on the road to Jīnzhànghàn Grassland Camp, so you can negotiate a stop here en route.