Must see restaurants in Chongqing City

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    Zēng Lǎo Yāo Yú Zhuāng

    Outside, it's a seething mass of people crowded around tables. Inside, it's even more packed as you enter a former bomb shelter – white-tiled walls and a…

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    Zhào’èr Huǒguō

    Highly popular, Zhào’èr’s hotpot is rightly lauded. There are various options: the nine-sectioned pot (九宫锅, jiǔgōng guō) allows you to separate the…

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    Mang Hot Pot

    A real locals fave with some of the tastiest (and spiciest) hotpot in town. You sit on wooden benches around your table and bubbling broth. Expect to see…

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    Shùnfēng 123 Coco

    A trendy Sichuan, 123 Coco goes beyond the same old, same old with a bit of modern culinary flair (and questionable interior design). There's no English,…

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    Liúyīshǒu Huǒguō

    The hotpot here is excellent, and the atmosphere is congenial, but the real attraction is the view: you dine as you gaze out across the Jialing River. You…

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    Xiǎo Bīn Lōu

    A gentle introduction to Chongqing cuisine, especially good for the spice-averse. Choose from a selection of small dishes on display, or try one of the…