Turquoise Bay

Top choice Beach

in Ningaloo Marine Park

This perfect sweep of powdery-white sand, lapped at by cerulean waters, is considered one of the top beaches in Australia. If snorkelling at the reef near the shore, mind the posted warnings about rip currents.

The Bay Snorkel Area is suitable for all skill levels with myriad fish and corals just off the beach. The Drift Snorkel Area attracts stronger swimmers where the current carries you over coral bommies. Don't miss the exit point or you'll be carried out through the gap in the reef.

The Drift Snorkel Area is 300m south along the beach from the Drift car park; swim out for about 40m then float face down in the current. Get out before the sandy point where the current strengthens, then run back along the beach and start all over!