Drinking and nightlife in Armenia

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    2nd Floor

    Sharing a floor with a vinyl store and carpet shop, this bar is one of Yerevan's funkiest places to grab a drink. The vintage-vinyl theme is evidenced throughout its several rooms and balconies as well as with the disc on the menu you spin to pick your cocktail. Some international food is available including woks, sliders and salads.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan


    A favourite among diaspora Armenians, the always-busy Calumet (French for 'peace pipe') is a great place to hang out on cushions and chat over a Kilikia beer. The friendly staff keep the bar lively with great playlists and even hop around to liven up the crowd. Late-night dance parties are a likely possibility any night of the week.

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    In Vino

    A favourite Yerevan wine bar, In Vino features a great selection of new-world and old-world wines from France, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and, proudly, Armenia. Glasses or bottles may be accompanied by platters of cheese and/or salume (pork cold cuts), basturma (cured beef in ground red pepper) and olives. The bar stools inside and streetside terrace make for a terrific ambience.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Yeghegnadzor

    Old Bridge Winery

    Named after the nearby 13th-century Silk Road bridge, this terrific winery offers the region's best wine-tasting experience. Reds (the speciality) derive from the dark-skinned Areni noir grape and are aged in oak barrels. Tastings are done in a gorgeous room facing snow-capped mountains and come with three wines as well as a generous platter of cheeses, olives and walnuts.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan


    The craft beer revolution has finally arrived in Yerevan. Over 20 different flavours are on tap at Dargett's massive brewery, including a great pilsener and apricot beer (of course). The place is usually packed inside and out with Yerevantsis swigging away at tasting flights or munching on pub grub. Bottles are available at several bars and restaurants across Armenia.

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    Mirzoyan Library

    Through an archway of a 19th-century building that once housed Soviet literati, Mirzoyan Library is much more than a cafe. It's also a photo book library (South Caucasus' first), cultural hub and bar where artists sketch, write or debate – latte or cocktail in hand – on one of Yerevan's most stunning wooden balconies. DJs occasionally play in the courtyard below.

  • Nightlife in Vanadzor


    The sign says it's a refrigerator shop and you have to ring the doorbell to get in (tell them Lonely Planet sent you), but there's a good reason for that – Vanadzor's reputation for homophobia and sexism means its coolest speakeasy needs to be selective. Owned by the lead singer of a local rock band, Solenoid serves beer, wine and booze.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan


    The Velvet Revolution is alive and well at this underground cocktail bar and vinyl club. Illuminated in a red hue cast by Victorian lampshades, Yerevan’s hip and classy sit on velvet chairs and drink inventive cocktails such as brandy with apricot jam or whisky and wild thyme. Despite the small space, dancing is likely after midnight.

  • Nightlife in Vanadzor

    Anticafe Teynik

    Popular with Vanadzor's youth, Teynik is an anticafe, meaning you pay per hour to get unlimited tea or coffee and snacks. It's a great deal considering the excellent tea flavours and freshly baked sweets that arrive at your table. There's a good selection of board games and instruments to play. Events such as screenings are often held.

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    With the look and feel of a Parisian boulevard cafe, Gemini keeps its band of regulars happy with the city's best coffee (we love both the Armenian and iced varieties) as well as a variety of crepes (the Nutella is legendary). Beans are roasted and can be purchased at its shop next door.

  • Nightlife in Dilijan

    Cafe #2

    Established to give local teens a place to hang out, study, work on social initiatives and/or make a few bucks serving tables, this cafe is an excellent place to while away an afternoon. Overlooking Dilijan's central lake, the cafe has an intriguing menu of drinks and healthy food served in big portions. Staff are happy to help with tourist inquiries.

  • Nightlife in Dilijan


    With beer on tap and 670 wines in the cellar, many of them Armenian, Carahunge is the best place for a drink in Dilijan. There's plenty of seating indoors and out as well as a bookstore with lounge chairs up top. An extensive menu serves a mix of international and Armenian classics, including burgers, pasta and khoravats (barbecue).

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    Kond House

    Housed in a mansion once owned by a Soviet oligarch, the Kond House feels a lot like an underground house party. You can chug beer by the kitchen bar, play table football or sip homemade vodka distilled in the basement. The patio upstairs hosts pool parties during summer with market-fresh barbecued meats. You can even sleep over if you ask.

  • Nightlife in Gyumri

    Amigo Pub

    Conservative Gyumri is slim on nightlife options, so this basement pub opened in 2018 is a welcome sight. Dimly lit with wooden crate seating, funky decor and Armenian carpets, Amigo is great for a drink, pub grub or to while away a few hours puffing on a hookah pipe. The bar is at its liveliest when DJs from Yerevan visit.

  • Nightlife in Areni

    Hin Areni Wine Factory

    Prominently located on the main highway, Hin Areni is a professional outfit that produces a quaffable red using Areni grapes and a dry white using voskehat (golden seed) grapes; both varieties are grown in nearby vineyards. The factory can be visited on a short tour that is best taken in late September and early October during the grape harvest.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    Beer Academy

    Armenia's first and formerly only microbrewery (until Dargett came around), Beer Academy is clearly German-inspired with boards of bratwurst, heaping cuts of meat and 4l beer towers. Its brews are organic and only sold in-house. Inside is a large drinking den while outside is a pleasant outdoor terrace. Enter from Isahakyan St.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    Poplavok Jazz Café

    In a pavilion overlooking Poplavok pond, this lounge-cafe is a male-dominated spot for a coffee during the day and an okay live-jazz venue at night. Poplavok is infamously known as the place where a man was beaten to death in the bathroom stall after calling former president Robert Kocharyan 'Rob' during a jazz show.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    Eden Café-Pub

    In the afternoon, Eden is so laid-back it's almost comatose. The pace picks up slightly on warm summer nights, when regulars enjoy beers and nargilehs (waterpipes) at the streetside tables. The location is great, but with so many excellent bars opening up in recent years, Eden's best days appear to be behind it.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan


    A jazzve is a long-handled coffee pot in which rich Armenian coffee is brewed, and this popular chain of cafes specialises in coffee made this way. It also offers espresso coffees, a huge range of tea, snacks, ice-cream sundaes, smoothies and cocktails. There are other branches scattered around town.

  • Nightlife in Yerevan

    Cafe Malócco

    A cafe overlooking the Cascade sculpture garden, Malócco serves Starbucks coffee and has an international menu of sandwiches, salads, pasta and steak. The food looks good in the photos, but the taste is nothing special, so you might prefer to order a lemonade and watch the street action instead.