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$190 Day Trips & Excursions

Chernihiv Private Cultural Tour from Kyiv

Chernihiv is a poem not less interesting and significant that the poem about Kyiv. It means a long-standing grandeur and rivalry between Chernihiv and Kyiv, Chernigiv own profound culture and traditions. It is a museum town, conservation area with many centuries of history, culture, memorial places and museums. Chernihiv was the second important town in the Ancient Kievan Rus'. Chernihiv’s golden age was the 12th early 13 century. A major centre of culture in Old Rus, Chernihiv rivaled Kiev in territory and might. The city main tended close commercial ties with many lands of Old Rus, the Byzantine Empire, and Western Europe. Chernihiv’s jewellers and gun-smiths were famous for their high-quality jewellery, weapons, dishes and bowls. Especially popular was their silverware. Today, the best examples of these articles are exhibited in many museums of Ukraine and Chernihiv. Preserved in the city are unique monuments of architecture of the 11th-13th centuries. Located on the territory of the medieval citadel, also called the Rampart, is the oldest monument of 11th century Old Rus architecture. Over 15 object for demonstrating in these preserve. The main places of interest are concentrated in the architectural and historic conservation preserving monuments of the Ancient Kievan Rus' times architecture contemporaneous with the poem "The Lay of Igor's Warfare" (Piatnitska church – 12th century), Ukrainian baroque (Kateriniska church – 18th century), "age-mates" of the St. Sofia cathedral in Kyiv – Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi cathedral (11th century) and many others, such as Borysohlebskyi cathedral (12th century) Chernigivskyi Collegiums (18th century), Yeletskyi Convent, Caves of Antnonii (17th century).Free time for the lunch after the tour at local cafe.

$29 Private & Custom Tours

Private Full-Day Chernihiv Tour from Kiev

A breathtaking full-day trip to Chernihiv start at your hotel’s reception, when you meet your friendly driver. The 140-km distance from Kiev to charming Chernihiv will allow you to enjoy magnificent sceneries of Ukraine. There will be a short stop on the way to Chernihiv at a small, but very beautiful town of Kozelets . The main attraction of this town is a well-known Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral with an exclusive and amazing iconostasis.  After arriving to Chernihiv, you will meet a local guide and the exciting adventure will start. The city is full of 11th-12th and 17th-19th century’s exceptional architectural, cultural and historical monuments. On its territory, Chernihiv contains a big number of world famous monuments, many of which date back to the times of Kievan Rus. The unforgettable whole-day tour of the city’s main attractions will include: Our Savior and Transfiguration Cathedral - unique olden church of the Kievan Rus that has been well maintained to our days.Boris and Gleb Cathedral with the burial chamber of famous princes of the city, where the famous Holy Doors, a true masterpiece of the Ukrainian Baroque art, is located.Yeletsky Assumption Monastery – the unique cultural monument of 11th century, one of the ancient Ukrainian religious sites.Trinity Cathedral - a true masterpiece of XVII century Ukrainian Baroque art that is recognized as the leading cathedral in the city. Here, you will get a chance to worship the miraculous St. Theodosius and St. Laurence’s relics.Saint Anthony Caves - a famous underground monastery established by Christian missioner Anthony in 1069. The prominent monastery was restored in the XVIII century, after being destroyed by Tatar Mongols. Anthony Caves includes both the biggest underground temple of Ukraine, St. Theodosius Church, and the first country’s underground place of worship, the famed Cave of Spirits.Ancient Chernigov Dytynets (Citadel) - the most ancient part of Chernigov city with a large and beautiful park. Here, everyone is welcomed to reach an observation deck, from which you may admire incredible city’s view, the stunning Boldin hills and the marvelous Desna River.After a tour, with a bunch of new impressions, you will have a free time for having lunch at the best local restaurants. Later, you will start our way back to Kiev, where the trip will be officially over once you will be dropped off at your hotel.

$300 Day Trips & Excursions

Baturyn Day Trip from Kyiv

Firstly, on arrival visit the Palace Ensemble of Kyryll Rozumovsky in Baroque style. Discover the Palace of K. Rozumovsky what was built in 18 century by Charles Cameron Scottish architect and enjoy the tour with the local guide. You will inspect the 3 floors of the neo-Palladian Palace decorated with Ukrainian traditional furniture, statues made of marble, artistic mosaic parquet floor made of more than 10 types of the local wood, walls painted in Baroque styles by the local artists, executive golden-gild chandeliers on the sailing, pictures of the famous Hetmans, visit Chapel inside the Palace, dancing halls amaze with their greatness and grandiosity, walk by the great park around the mansion.Than drive by the transport around the city and visit:The Сitadel of Baturyn FortressHetman’s Glory squareThe Baturyn museum of ArcheologyThe House of V.Kochubey the Judge GeneralKochubeyivskyi ParkThe Resurrection Church – the burial vault of Kyrylo Rozumovsky.The Intersession ChurchBay the traditional Ukrainian souvenirs on the Market square close the Fortress.   Lastly, visit the local Museum of the Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay (1846-1888, born in Chernihiv region) as known as great traveler who spent the major part of his life travelling and conducted scientific research in the Middle East, Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia. Australia became his adopted country and Sydney the home town of his family.Discover the Baturyn for yourself as a great traveler!   

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