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Around 30km west towards Antalya, and just after Incekum beach, is a turning for a road leading north for 9km to Alarahan, a 13th-century han (caravanserai), which can be explored with a torch. At the head of the valley nearby are the 13th-century ruins of Alara Castle (Alara Kalesi).

Southeast from Alanya, the twisting clifftop road occasionally descends to the ocean to pass through the fertile delta of a stream, planted with bananas or crowded with greenhouses. It's a long drive to Anamur, but it's a beautiful procession of sea views and cool pine forests. This region was ancient Cilicia Tracheia (Rugged Cilicia), a somewhat forbidding part of the world because of the mountains and the fearsome pirates who preyed on ships from the hidden coves.

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