Must see nightlife in Bangkok

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    Moon Bar

    An alarmingly short barrier at this rooftop bar is all that separates patrons from the street, 61 floors down. Moon Bar claims to be among the highest…

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    A superb modern interpretation of a classic Bangkok teahouse, this tiny, atmospheric shophouse serves delectable blends of premium tea sourced from China…

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    Ku Bar

    Tired of buckets and cocktails that revolve around Red Bull? Head to Ku Bar, the polar opposite of the Khao San party scene. Climb three floors of stairs …

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    Let the Boy Die

    Quirky name aside, this watering hole originally opened in 2015 as Bangkok's first craft-beer bar. Given Thailand's liquor laws (heavily tilted against…

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    Part storage room for over-the-top vintage furniture, part restaurant and part friendly local boozer, this quirky bar certainly doesn’t lack diversity –…

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    Studio Lam

    Studio Lam is an extension of uberhip record label ZudRangMa, and has a Jamaican-style sound system custom-built for world and retro-Thai DJ sets and the…

  • V
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    This deceptively classic-feeling bar-restaurant is one of the most popular watering holes in Bangkok's business district. As the name unequivocally…

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    This cool and friendly neighbourhood bar also packs in a gallery space. Arty locals and resident foreigners come for the old-school cocktails, live music,…

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    Tep Bar

    No one ever expects to find a bar this sophisticated – yet this fun – in Chinatown. Tep hits the spot with Thai-tinged, contemporary interiors and boozy…

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    Smalls aptly resembles a quintessential New York jazz bar. Fixtures include a revolving main door, a cheekily decadent interior, an inviting rooftop, food…

  • H
    House on Sathorn

    This classy bar is located in one of Bangkok's most charming heritage buildings – a registered historical landmark that in previous lives was a mansion, a…

  • M
    Maggie Choo's

    A former bank vault with a Chinatown-opium-den vibe, secret passageways and lounging women in silk dresses. With all this going on, it’s easy to forget…

  • N
    Namsaah Bottling Trust

    Namsaah is a curveball of a place. Housed in a restored mansion incongruously painted hot pink and with a wacky interior comprised of samurai armours and…

  • O

    This upscale wine-bar-cum-Italian-restaurant has one of the best cellars in Bangkok. Located to the rear of an uncharacteristic office building, this…

  • M
    Mitr Bar

    Run by a team of dedicated brewsters, Mitr is a low-key but top-notch pub patronised by a loyal group of hopheads with a palate for its fine offerings…

  • H
    Hair of the Dog

    The craft-beer craze that has swept Bangkok over the last few years is epitomised at this semiconcealed bar. With a morgue theme, dozens of bottles and 13…

  • T
    Tasting Room by Mikkeller

    These buzz-generating Danish 'gypsy' brewers have set up shop in Bangkok, granting us more than 30 beers on tap. Expect brews ranging from the local …

  • D
    DJ Station

    One of Bangkok’s – and indeed Asia’s – most legendary gay dance clubs. The crowd here is a mix of Thai guppies (gay professionals) and a few Westerners…

  • JAM

    Take a break from Silom's rooftop bars and visit one of Bangkok’s nicest indie-hipster dives. With walls plastered with fliers, regular musical…

  • Backstage Bar

    Belonging to the theatre-themed Playhaus boutique hotel, Backstage keeps the performance vibe going. It's designed to look like a dressing room with the…