Las Playas

El Hierro

Around 8km southwest of Timijiraque on the HI30, this spectacular (and breezy) 4km stretch of black-pebble beach with mirror-smooth seas is backed by sheer cascading cliffs. It's beautifully secluded, with little here apart from El Hierro's top-end Parador, the odd home and a seafront picnic area.

Just off Las Playas' northern shore is the famous Roque de la Bonanza, a distinctive 200m-tall rock formation jutting out of the ocean.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby El Hierro attractions

1. Roque de la Bonanza

0.93 MILES

Look offshore from northern Las Playas to spot this famed rock formation soaring 200m out of the water – it's a symbol of the island.

2. Mirador de Isora

1.09 MILES

From the 800m-high Mirador de Isora, perched on the Risco de los Herreños cliffs, the mountain falls away at your feet to reveal the smooth volcanic coast…

3. Mirador de Las Playas

1.22 MILES

Around 2km north of Las Casas and well signed off the HI4, the Mirador de Las Playas reveals a spectacular show of bottle-green pines tumbling down the…

4. Bodega Elysar

1.84 MILES

Under the watch of self-trained viticulturist Ambrosio Martín, family-run, 2015-founded Bodega Elysar works with traditional island grapes (negramoll,…

6. Centro de Interpretación Geológica

2.07 MILES

On Taibique's main road, this small cultural centre presents interesting exhibits about the geology of the Canary Islands, including extensive focus on El…

7. Mirador de Tanajara

2.18 MILES

Soak up El Pinar's pine-fringed mountainscape from this 911m-high lookout platform at the western end of Taibique.

8. Hoya del Morcillo

2.65 MILES

At the heart of El Pinar, 3km west of Las Casas, this shady recreational area is a beautiful spot to rest among the pines, with a football field,…