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    Elegant dining areas and an open kitchen characterise this smart white-exteriored local on a nondesript pedestrian boulevard off Calle Carlos III. The gastronomic enthusiasm of the young owners shines through in the food, which is far above most of Cartagena's culinary offerings. Good-value rices and stews take their place alongside superbly prepared and presented fish and meat mains.

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    La Marquesita

    On a tucked-away plaza just off the pedestrian main drag, this place is easily spotted by its riot of pot plants. Sit in or out to enjoy quality fish dishes in particular, with other traditional plates on offer. It's a family affair, and genuinely welcoming.

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    El Barrio de San Roque

    Done Roman and it's time for a decent central meal? Much of the pedestrian area is taken up with fairly mediocre restaurants pulling in cruise-ship visitors with frozen paellas, but this discreet, elegant place offers real quality. The €20 lunchtime menú is excellent, and the exposed brick, sizeable tables and polite service make this a pleasant haven.

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    La Fuente

    Bright and busy, this place, which lives up to its name by indeed featuring a fountain, makes a top stop for a quick drink and a tapas. The speciality is anchovies, long and tasty, from the Bay of Biscay. A knot of similar bars here also offer a cheap drink-and-snack deal. The street number of 17 is also misleadingly numbered as 27.

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    A La Brasa

    One of a few places run by the same people in this picturesque small park, once the artillery HQ. It features an open kitchen and tables overlooking a small pond. Service is slow but willing, and they're good on the simple stuff – big steaks with a real grill flavour, good-value tapas portions, and tasty burgers.

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    Techos Bajos

    Locals absolutely flood this large, no-frills kind of place at lunchtime for its well-priced portions of fresh fish and fried seafood served on classic blue-and-white-gingham paper tablecloths. You'll find it down the hill from the bus station, right opposite the fishing port. Usually closes for a month around September.