Must see hotels in Suwon

  • H
    Hotel Dono

    High-quality digs offering spacious, modern rooms within easy access of Hwaseong. Rates include pick-up from Suwon station, and iced coffee on arrival.

  • R
    Ramada Plaza Hotel Suwon

    The Ramada is a modern affair with decent rooms and facilities, including a gym, deli and restaurants. It's about five minutes by taxi east of Suwon's…

  • S
    Suwon Hostel

    More of a government hotel than a hostel, this place offers exceptional value for money with large, western-style or ondol (traditional, sleep-on-a-floor…

  • H
    Hwaseong Guesthouse

    It ain't the Ritz, but these spacious dorms and doubles are the cheapest in town, sharing bathrooms and a communal kitchen with cooking facilities.