Must see attractions in Honiara

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    Central Market

    While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has…

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    US War Memorial

    This superb memorial is a five-minute taxi ride from the centre. The well-maintained compound has marble slabs bearing detailed descriptions of battles…

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    National Museum

    This modest museum – there is only one room – features interesting displays and old photographs on traditional dance, body ornamentation, currency,…

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    White River Village

    Betel nut, anyone? The friendly Gilbertese settlement called White River Village about four km west of the centre is mostly famed for its betel nut market…

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    National Parliament

    The conical-shaped concrete building that’s perched on the hill above Hibiscus Ave is the National Parliament. Inside, the dome boasts a rich tapestry of…

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    Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral

    Honiara's most prominent religious building is this cathedral perched on a hill to the east of the centre. Visitors are welcome to attend, but make sure…

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    Botanical Gardens

    These lovely grounds on the hills located above the city provide a green haven for nature lovers.