Must-see hotels in Krasnoyarsk

  • I
    Top Choice

    Housed in a 19th-century former religious school for girls, the romantic French theme and impeccable personal service set the Iris apart from most…

  • H
    Top Choice
    Hovel Hostel

    A sparkling oasis for budget travellers who have made it all the way here through Siberia’s snowy wilderness, this boutique hostel features a large…

  • D
    Dom Neo

    Definitely the brightest-coloured building in central Krasnoyarsk, this progressive hotel achieves an optimal value for money ratio by cutting out…

  • D
    Dom Hotel

    Centred around a rather characterless courtyard, the 81 light-filled rooms at Krasnoyarsk’s top business hotel are immaculately maintained and have become…

  • H
    Hotel Oktyabrskaya

    Comfortable and professionally run with rooms approximating Western standards, albeit without air-conditioning. Satellite TV includes Western channels and…

  • S
    Soft Hotel

    With its European business-standard facilities, waxy antique-style furniture, 21st-century bathrooms (with bidets!) and high-flying ceilings, taking the…

  • H
    Hotel Krasnoyarsk

    Every Soviet metropolis has one: a concrete lumpen hotel celebrating the city’s name in metre-high lettering. But unlike many of these stale relics, the…