Must-see entertainment in Eastern Siberia

  • Tuvan National Orchestra


    The Tuvan National Orchestra has a large studio within the Centre for Tuvan Culture – between 10am and 2pm most weekdays tourists are welcome to sit in on…

  • Dom Kino


    A place to watch sophisticated art-house cinema, often shown in the original language, with Russian subtitles.

  • Rock'n'Roll Pub


    Head to this cheap no-frills pub and diner to check what Siberian and indie music are about.

  • Benzin


    A slick entertainment centre with four bars, frequent live gigs and DJ parties.

  • Mod's Bar


    This new and smarter-than-usual nightlife venue, located inside Grand Hall Siberia in Vzlyotka area (east of the centre), runs DJ and live-music events,…

  • Opera-Ballet Theatre


    The architecturally nondescript Opera-Ballet Theatre has daily performances of productions such as Carmen, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet starting in the…

  • Burton Bar


    A far-flung indie rock and 'intellectual hip-hop' (whatever that is!) venue run by fans of the film director Tim Burton.

  • Rock-Jazz Kafe


    This dark venue showcases live bands around an upturned motorcycle from 10pm most days.

  • Philharmonia


    The Philharmonia has three concert halls showcasing folk, jazz and classical music.

  • Puppet Theatre


    Classic Russian puppet shows such as Chuk i Gek, Doktor Aybolit and Goldilocks for kids and adults alike.

  • Okhlopkov Drama Theatre


    Shakespeare, Russian classics and local playwright Vampilov staged regularly (in Russian) from September to June.

  • Philharmonic Hall


    Historic building staging regular children’s shows and musical programs from jazz to classical.