Must see nightlife in Łódź

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    Łódź Kaliska

    With its open-door policy, this renowned pub/club attracts a broad cross-section of Łódź society. The unusual decor – stripped-back walls covered in…

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    Z Innej Beczki

    Tucked away unexpectedly to the side of the crumbling concrete facade of the YMCA, this mellow bar and tree-shaded beer garden feels like a secret…

  • B

    Brick Coffee Factory

    This small but stylish cafe, with massive timber slabs for tables and counters, serves the best coffee on Piotrkowska. There's nitro cold brew on the menu…

  • P


    An edgy yet relaxed bar popular with mural painters. It's small but has a devoted following who come for the craft cocktails and the live music that…

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    Piotrkowska Klub

    Easily recognisable by the two-storey, wrought-iron-and-glass drinking area that stands outside the front door, this bar has great views up and down its…

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    Dozens of craft beers and microbrews on tap lure in discerning quaffers. Tall windows allow plenty of good people-watching of the passing Piotrkowska…