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South Coast

This wild and lonely coast entrances visitors with teetering sand dunes, verdant desert oases, forgotten fishing villages, ancient earth drawings, and plenty of rugged open space for the imagination to run wild.

It's a stark, dry corner of earth – caught between the Andes and the sea – that only comes to life in the fertile river valleys that produce wine and fruit, providing visitors with a fleeting relief from the relentless beat of the brown desolate desert.

Most adventures take you on a tried-and-true trail that begins with rafting in Lunahuaná, wildlife-watching in the Islas Ballestas, sandboarding out of Huacachina and a requisite stop at the mysterious lines and odd geoglyphs that decorate the blank desert canvas outside Nazca. Step beyond the outlines of this Gringo Trail to discover unspoiled surf spots, vibrant agricultural villages and spirited and unassuming cultural beats.

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