Welcome to Paradise Harbor

This is a favorite place for Zodiac cruising around the ice calved from the (receding) glacier at the head of the bay. You may pass beneath blue-eyed shags nesting on cliffs, the walls of which may be colored blue-green by copper deposits, emerald green by moss, and orange or yellow by lichens.

The original portions of Argentina’s Brown Station (formerly called Almirante Brown) were destroyed on April 12, 1984 by a fire set by the station’s physician-leader, who didn’t want to stay another winter. Station personnel were rescued by US ship Hero. Gentoos nest among the ruins.

Climb the hill for a great view of glaciers. The broken memorial stone commemorates Jostein Helgestad, who died in 1993 on Monica Kristensen’s private expedition when his snowmobile plunged down a crevasse en route to the South Pole.

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