Like it or not, one of the biggest travel trends of the last few years is “set-jetting.”

While this is a prickly subject that is not without its detractors, the fact remains that such influential shows as Game of Thrones, The White Lotus, Succession and The Crown inspire people to travel to locations where these fictional series are filmed and set. Tourists have even overrun an Austrian town that is purported to be the setting for the animated film Frozen (though, as we report, there are many other such villages worthy of a visit). 

Ethical quandaries aside, a 2023 report published by American Express indicates that this is an actual thing: according to their survey data, over 50% of millennial and Gen Z travelers have visited destinations where their beloved programs are filmed. And as of today, a new entry enters the arena: Emily in Paris trips…to Paris.

 New “Paris by Emily” trips are now available to book © Netflix / Paramount

Bonjour, Paris!

To quote Camille (Camille Razat) of Emily in Paris, it “seems like a big city, but it’s really just a small town.” A new small-group travel experience, “Paris by Emily,” offers fans of the Netflix juggernaut the chance to experience the French capital the way Camille sees it, with curated visits to spots from the hit show to make travelers feel like Parisian insiders. Just like Lily Collins’ Emily Cooper has grown over three seasons into a sophisticated Parisian – or an aspiring Parisian, anyway – travelers can immerse themselves into the fashion, cuisine and culture of the City of Light and come away feeling like they've followed in Emily’s footsteps, while learning some French insider tips along the way. 

With an emphasis on approaching travel with a sense of courage, fun and creativity – not to mention an eye for artful images – Emily in Paris makes perfect sense as a travel-inspo show. “Paris by Emily” is also a logical successor to the tours based on another iconic Darren Star show, Sex and the City. These New York itineraries made Magnolia Bakery and its signature cupcakes ultra-famous, and included stops to see Carrie’s brownstone steps and to sip cosmos.

Stop and smell les fleurs à la “Emily in Paris” © Netflix/Paramount

Follow the “Emileader”

Travel startup DHARMA is offering four-night, five-day trips to Paris that are hosted by “Emileaders,” lifestyle influencers who will bring to life the places and experiences viewers have loved in the series. One of the highlights of the “Paris by Emily” trips is, bien sûr, fashion – since Emily’s playful sartorial sense and the ultra-Parisian looks on her fellow characters have always played a major role in the series. Marilyn Fitoussi, the show’s costume designer, says participants can “expect a curation of retailers and designers true to the spirit of my work on the show that will excite, delight and surprise.” She will be personally recommending vintage shops around the city.

Charaf El Mansouri, CEO of DHARMA, says its Emily trips are designed “to ensure guests leave Paris with something far more meaningful than just a souvenir beret and some photos. So many of us seek travel experiences that are transformational. Series like Emily in Paris make you wish there was a ‘Book This Trip’ button at the end of every episode – that’s the opportunity we see ahead.”

Visit sites inspired by the hit series © Netflix / Paramount

Behind the scenes, IRL

Other “Paris by Emily” offerings include a behind-the-scenes locations tour, a French lesson at a cafe, a “Fake It Till We Bake It” pastry class and a “Le Flirt” master class inspired by the show’s quintessential seduction expert, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). There’s also a cocktail-making class on the rooftop of The Island, the Parisian headquarters of aperitif brand Pernod Ricard, in the 8th arrondissement. 

Ines Tazi, the Parisian-born star of the Netflix dating show Perfect Match, is the inaugural “Paris by Emily” host. “I love creating bridges between online and offline, fiction and reality,” she says. “Curating this new experience allows me to share what I cherish about Paris, from fashion and gastronomy to art and history.” Each trip will be curated by a different Emileader, so each will be unique – just like Emily’s fabulously out-there outfits.

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