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Visit these beautiful islands in the South Pacific for your own Shipwrecked experience

Interest has grown once again in the Cook Islands thanks to the reality TV series Shipwrecked, which has showcased the beautiful islands used in the hit show. Now that the series has returned to the British TV channel E4, the series is inspiring travellers to visit the filming location as interest grows around the backdrop of the show.

You can visit the islands where Shipwrecked is filmed. Image: E4

The Cook Islands is a collection of 15 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, and the series is filmed on two uninhibited islets just off Aitutaki. One islet, Rapota, is where the Tiger team lives for the series, while the Shark team lives on Moturakau. The contestants test their survival skills in a bid to win the £50,000 ($64,259) cash prize. This is the fifth series of the show, and in the aftermath of the previous series, the last of which was filmed seven years ago, the Cook Islands enjoyed a boost in visitor numbers. The 2019 version of the TV show has once again rekindled interest in the islands as a holiday destination.

The lagoon of Aitutaki on the Cook islands. Image: Matteo Colombo

The lagoon of Aitutaki is ringed with tiny deserted islands and is one of the Pacific’s most improbably scenic assets. While Rarotonga is the largest and most frequently visited of the Cook Islands, another quick flight can take you to Aitutaki. Aitutaki is the second most-visited destination, with the island offering a series of boat trips to the surrounding reefs used in Shipwrecked.

An aerial view of Aitutaki lagoon in the Cook Islands. Image: Chad Ehler

The Cook Islands tourist board is delighted with the surge in interest in its islands since the TV programme began using it as a filming location again. If you fancy checking it out for yourself, you can visit its website here.