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Passengers stuck in the middle seat could win rewards for their woes

Few things can make travelling less pleasant than being consigned to a middle seat on your flight. Sure being wedged in the middle of two passengers battling for elbow space on a cross-country red-eye is worth the pain if it gets you to your loved ones, but it’s nobody’s first or second choice. Unless, of course, you could win rewards to compensate for your bad luck.

You could win rewards for striking out with a middle seat this Christmas. Image by Getty Images

Stella Artois has taken to social media to upgrade travellers’ experience by offering flight upgrades, free rides home and other surprises to frustrated travellers who share their middle seat grievances with the drinks’ brand online. Prize highlights include US$500 (€442) in credit via either a pre-paid debit card or transferred to the winner’s PayPal account to be used towards seat upgrades on any domestic and international flight. The credit will be awarded to 60 winners and is available for any airline.

“Stella Artois knows holiday travel can be painful, but at the end of the day it’s worth it to spend time with the ones you love,” said Lara Krug, vice president, Stella Artois. “That’s why this holiday season, to make sure people can create those moments that matter, we’re giving away flight upgrades, rides home and more to help make the travel experience a little better. Our hope is this will help people focus on what really matters – enjoying moments with friends and family.”

From full-on flight upgrades for your return trip, to a membership pass that lets you skip the airport security line or complimentary car service to complete your trip, and even tickets to see the latest show or game with loved ones once you’ve arrived, Stella Artois will be doling out daily upgrades via social media until 21 December.

Stella Artois is offering rewards for airline passengers this Christmas. Image by asiseeit/Getty Images

Follow @StellaArtois and share a photo of your travel woes with the hashtags #StellaUpgrade and #Contest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter between today and 21 December for a chance to win. You must be over 21 to enter. For full details on how to get involved, visit here.