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This airline may soon let you sell your non-refundable tickets

It’s a fear for many travellers: something comes up last minute and you can’t make your flight – or get any money back on that non-refundable ticket. But one airline may soon help anyone stuck in this awful position, as Air France prepares to launch a new platform to let travellers resell their flights.

Air France may soon let you resell your airline tickets. Image by Matthew Leete/Getty Images

Though it has yet to officially launch, FlexFly is a new platform created by the airline to help with reselling tickets. The website is now live but not yet operating, according to Business Insider France. The platform will allow travellers to post their available ticket online, and, if someone decides to buy it, the seller will get back half of their money and taxes. However, the ticket must have been bought directly from Air France and not from a secondary seller to be sold on FlexFly.

Since travellers only get 50% of their money back, the other 50% of the ticket price will go to Air France and FlexFly. After that, the airline will be able pass the ticket on to the new buyer at a discount – which could mean new opportunities to score a good deal on your Air France flight.

Sell your ticket if you can’t make your flight. Image by Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm / Getty Images

Right now, not being able to make your flight often means giving up the entire cost of your ticket, particularly on airlines that offer basic economy prices that are saddled with restrictions like non-refundable tickets. However, there are airlines that allow you to sell a ticket and transfer it to another person – and even online platforms that help you do it – so it’s worth checking the fine print before buying.

If you’re considering travelling with Air France for your next trip, the airline has announced that it adding routes from Paris to Quito, Ecuador; Dallas, Texas; Fortaleza, Brazil; Mahé, Seychelles; Wroclaw, Poland; Bergen, Norway; and India.