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This dream job could see you and your partner working on a secluded Welsh island

If you’ve always fancied living on a beautiful island, you may be interested in a job offered by Bardsey Island off the coast of north Wales. There are two positions available on the island, which is home to a wonderful array of wildlife, including seals, puffins and 310 species of birds. The island’s Welsh name is Ynys Enlli, and one caveat of the job is that you must be bilingual and speak both Welsh and English.

Bardsey Island Nature Reserve, Wales. Image: robertharding

The Bardsey Island Trust is looking for two people to live on the island full-time as warden and part-time assistant warden. As it’s a three-year contract and you’ll be living together, it says the positions would be suited to two applicants applying together, whether they’re partners or friends. The successful applicants must be physically fit and able for a challenging, but rewarding, opportunity to live in a unique part of Wales as part of the small working island community. While surrounded by the Irish Sea, fantastic wildlife and extreme weather, the candidates must be comfortable with periods of isolation, in addition to being equally content among visiting guests during the summer.

Bardsey Island Trust are looking for a warden and assistant warden for a three-year period. Image: David Mitchell/EyeEm

The island is a National Nature Reserve and has a rich history of occupation, with more than 20 Grade II listed buildings and a number of Scheduled Monuments. Ten of the buildings are let to visitors during the summer months, while 2000 day visitors travel to experience Bardsey each year. The warden and assistant warden are responsible for care and maintenance of the island infrastructure, including managing and taking care of the let properties, welcoming visitors and representing the Trust on the island.

You could get paid to live on Bardsey island. Image: Visit Wales

The pay is £16,500 (€18,506) per year for the warden position and £8000 (€8973) for the part-time assistant role. Accommodation and utilities are included as part of the package. The positions begin on 14 October and full details are available here.