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You can join a blooming great campaign to plant nine million wildflowers in London

Busy cities can have a bad rep for being concrete jungles, but London has introduced an initiative to plant nine million wildflowers, which represents one for every Londoner. The idea is to transform its urban landscape into a beautiful city of colourful flowers, so if you visit there, you’ll be bowled over by the vibrant flora.

A campaign is hoping to plant nine million wildflowers in London. Image: Darcy G. Varney

The #WildflowersForLondoners campaign is led by London National Park City working with Seedball, a social enterprise producing wildflower seed balls. To take part, the residents of England’s capital simply have to donate to receive a seed ball. These balls will contain a mix from several wildflower species, carefully selected for their ability to thrive in tough, urban areas. They can be sown in plant pots, window boxes, soil found around the base of trees in pavements, or even in grass. The aim is to make London a greener, healthier and more beautiful place.

There’s a campaign to plant nine million wildflowers in London. Image: Jan Hojtoft Christensen / EyeEm

The seed balls provide those who purchase them with an array of colourful flowers throughout this summer and next and are valuable food sources for pollinators. The balls are coated in clay which protects the seeds while they establish and they contain fiery chilli powder to deter predators, so all you need to do is throw them on the soil, water and watch them grow. If you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty or want to contribute from abroad, you can donate to SeedBank For Schools. This ensures that all of the schools in London get a shipment of seed balls in spring 2019, and one seed ball will be donated to match each one you purchase.

You can donate to help plant nine million wildflowers in London. Image: Adventure_Photo

To take part, all you have to do is click here to donate.