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A James Bond stuntman is offering fitness sessions on Dubai’s Kite Beach

If you fancy keeping fit while on holidays in Dubai, you can head to Kite Beach where a James Bond stuntman is teaching as part of a new outdoor gym that has opened there.

James Bond stuntman Bruno Verdirosi is offering fitness sessions on Dubai’s Kite Beach Image by Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai

Bruno Verdirosi is an Italian movie actor and stuntman, and you can see his work in Quantum of Solace, The Tourist, Equilibrium and John Wick. He’s one of the trainers at the gym, Magnum Fitness Beach, which opened on March 10 and will run until the end of April, just before it gets too hot. It will offer classes in Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, self-defence, yoga flexibility and aqua gym. The philosophy behind Magnum’is to promote a healthy lifestyle, not just a temporary solution for weight-loss or ‘ready for the summer’ body.

Drop-in classes are available. Image by Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai

It has operating hours to suit everyone, as it opens from 6am to 10pm daily, and there will always be an on-site gym instructor present to give advice and demonstrate the correct way to use exercise equipment. Group classes take place on the beach twice daily during the weekdays, at sunset and sunrise, and there are four group classes during the weekends. There’s a full schedule on the gym’s Facebook page so you can book your classes, but the gym welcomes people popping in on spec too. “You can also try your luck by passing by and joining us for a superpower workout which will make you sweat, have fun and bring your energy up to the next level,” it says.

Stuntman Bruno Verdirosi is offering fitness classes on Dubai’s Kite Beach. Image by Magnum Fitness Beach Dubai

Magnus Fitness Beach is located on Kite Beach, Jumeirah Beach Road, near Dubai Skate Park and opposite The Park House. You can follow it on Facebook here.