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Where are the cheapest and dearest cities around the world to buy a pint?

A map has been created that shows where the cheapest and dearest cities around the world are to buy a pint of beer. According to price comparison site, Finder.com, the results show that Venezuela is the cheapest place to buy a pint at £0.51/US$0.71, while Dubai is the most expensive at £8.58/$11.82.

A comparison has been made of where you can get the dearest and cheapest pints in the world. Image: Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury

It compared the price of a pint in 177 of the world’s most populated cities, according to the latest cost of living data released by Numbeo and Expatistan. The results found that the global average cost is around £2.61/$3.60 a pint. The most expensive cities to buy a pint out of 177 cities examined were 1. Dubai, UAE, £8.58/$11.82. 2. Doha, Qatar, £8.50/$11.52. 3. Reykjavik, Iceland, £7.96/$10.96. 4. Oslo, Norway, £7.17/$9.88. 5. Mariehamn, Aland Islands, Finland, £7/$9.64.

A map has been made showing where you can get the dearest and cheapest pints around the world. Image: Getty Images

The cheapest pints in the world can be found in 1. Caracas, Venezuela at £0.51/$0.71. 2. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, £0.59/$0.81. 3. Lagos, Nigeria, £0.63/$0.87. 4. Lilongwe, Malawi, £0.64/$0.88. 5. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, £0.67, $0.92. “It was interesting to see such a wide difference between how much it costs for a pint in different cities around the world,” says Jon Ostler, CEO of Finder UK.

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The dearest and cheapest pints around the world have been revealed. Image: Alexandra Ribeiro / EyeEm

“Some people may not realise that there could be big differences in costs of common expenses between cities. When budgeting for family holidays or weekend breaks, it’s important to factor in leisure expenses and anticipate that prices will vary from city to city. By doing your research in advance you will not only be prepared financially, but avoid unnecessary stress and allow for a more enjoyable holiday.”

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