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Can you handle, handle this? Beyonce dance classes take off in Australia

It can be hard to maintain fitness while travelling but if you’re in Australia and looking for a different way to keep up a regime while away from home, just ask yourself, What would Beyonce do?

Beyonce dancing proving popular in Australia. Image by Naomi Matthew

The Formation singer has inspired a series of dance classes that are springing up in Australia at the moment. It all began when Bey Dance founder Liz Cahalan insisted that her friends all learn the dance steps to “Single Ladies” for her 27th birthday. They did, and Queen B fans started asking Cahalan to teach them Beyoncé’s choreographed moves.

Bey Dance Student Showcase. Image by Theresa Harrison

“I started Bey Dance because I believe dancing should be about more than aiming to be a professional dancer, and about more than only fitness. It’s about physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Everyone should feel comfortable in a dance class, and everyone feels better when they move to music,” commented Cahalan.

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Accordingly, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never set foot in a dance studio before or if you grew up in a tutu, at a Bey Dance class participants are encouraged to embrace their inner diva.. “When we move like Beyoncé we feel powerful, fierce and like we can take on the world. And at the end of the day, when we feel happy and powerful, the whole world benefits,” said Cahalan.

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Starting with a single Bey Dance school in Melbourne, this fitness fad has taken off across the country, with people now sashaying across the dance floor in three out of six Aussie states. Visitors can find a Bey Dance class in the cities of  Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Casual classes—Bey Parties—are one-offs that anyone can join by signing up online or doing a drop-in. Cost is AUS$15. For those wanting a bit of bliss with their Beyoncé, try a Bey Yoga class, and for those with kids? Well, there’s the Beyby Wearing dance class.