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This Brazilian river swallows you into a cave and spits you back out

Are you planning on holidaying on the Costa Verde in Brazil and are up for a challenge that is a little more daring than most? If so, a river rock set under a waterfall that swallows you whole into a cavern and then spits you out the other side, might appeal to your sense of adventure.

People swim in a hole between two huge stones called Pedra que Engole in Trindade, Brazil. Image: Jan Sochor/Getty Images

Pedra que Engole, which translates to A Stone that Swallows, is a rock formation underneath a tropical waterfall in Trindade, a former fishing village in the 17th-century port of Paraty, which is famed both for its well-preserved historic centre and the legendary beauty of its surrounding beaches.

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Adventurers are making a beeline for the increasingly-famous rocks, because by squeezing into a tight, water-filled cavity between the stones, the gushing water pushes them downwards into a hidden cave. Those who have have experienced it say that it’s simultaneously terrifying and thrilling, because the person disappears into the water and appears to have been swallowed up.

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However, their journey takes them into a cave that can hold several people, and then opens up into a natural water slide that takes them out to the other side again, one presumes to the relief of their waiting companions. The hike back up to the top of the waterfall takes around 20 minutes to complete through the tropical rainforest.

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the experience is really popular and has attracted rave reviews online from those brave enough to experience it. So if you need an exhilarating new adventure, not to mention how cool the Instagram pics will be, it looks like Pedra que Engole might be one to put on the bucket list.