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No ruffin' it here - a luxury resort in Greece is offering a five-star service for dogs

Danai Beach Resort is a luxury resort in Sithonia, Greece that has just about everything you could ever want. This month they are launching a luxury service specifically aimed at pets in the resort.

Kimon Riefenstahl, the resort’s owner told Lonely Planet News: “a select number of guests like to travel with their dogs. These pets are used to being with them 24/7 and are very much used to a luxurious lifestyle as a part of the family. We had requests from clients for these types of dog-friendly services, therefore we wanted to ensure that any visiting dogs would be treated to the same pampering and luxury every guest experiences when staying at Danai.”

A dog about to take a dip in the pool.
Dogs can sleep out by the pool under the Greek sky. Image by Danai Beach Resort & Villas.

What sort of luxury can a dog expect from this service? Well, to begin with, the dogs are offered three different sleeping arrangements. They can sleep in the room with guests, in the bed with them or have their own bed out by the pool. They will even get their own turn down service on their beds, involving a variety of doggie treats and a rose left on their bed!

The sun setting over Danai resort
The sunsets are absolutely stunning. Image by Danai Beach Resort & Villas

As well as that, they will be eating only the finest food throughout their stay. Kimon went on to say: “an exclusive gourmet food menu is also available for each dog’s delight on land too, serving not only delicious meals, but pure spring water in a crystal bowl.” Some even get treated to lobster during their stay at the resort. There is also a selection of dog toys available, and if some relaxation time is needed, there are dog-friendly movies in all the rooms.

If it’s a thrill that you and your furry friend are seeking then there is also a ‘Catamaran Dog Experience’, where guests can bring their dogs out across the Mediterranean sea looking out over the peninsula of Halkidiki.

The view of the Mediterranean sea from the resort.
Guests and their pets can sail out into the Mediterranean sea. Image by Danai Beach Resort & Villas.

It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for somewhere luxurious and want to share that experience with your canine companion, then this is the place for you.