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Looking for love? Here are the most expensive - and cheapest - cities to go on a date in

While love may not have a price tag, dating often does. Dating website Elite Singles decided to find which cities in the world are the most expensive for ‘date night’, which they defined as being a mid-range dinner for two, a bottle of wine, two cinema tickets and a five-mile taxi ride home.

Date night in Istanbul. Image by piskunov
Date night in Istanbul. Image by piskunov

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Scandinavian city came out on top with a date in Oslo costing £106, followed closely by Tokyo. If you want to impress your date by picking up the bill, you should go out in Bogotá where the same experience will only set you back £34.

Want to see how your city ranks? Check out the full list of the 25 cities here:

1. Oslo, Norway – £106
2. Tokyo, Japan – £100
3. New York, USA – £95
4. Stockholm, Sweden – £90
5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – £89
6. London, UK – £87
7. Hong Kong – £84
8. Auckland, New Zealand – £81
9. Paris, France – £78
10. Sydney, Australia – £76
11.Toronto, Canada – £73
12. Singapore – £69
13. Shanghai, China – £67
14. Berlin, Germany – £62
15. Barcelona, Spain – £60
16. Seoul, South Korea – £60
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – £65
18. Moscow, Russia -£53
19. Taipei, Taiwan – £53
20. Nairobi, Kenya – £52
21. Mumbai, India – £43
22. Istanbul, Turkey – £42
23. Mexico City, Mexico – £40
24. Cape Town, South Africa – £36
25. Bogotá, Columbia – £34

How to date a fellow traveller

Looking for love while you travel?
Looking for love while you travel? Image by Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

But what if you have no one to go on a date with? With many of us turning to apps to find a perfect partner, two travel-specific dating apps launched last year. If you’re looking to find a mate to go on adventures with MissTravel is encouraging people to travel to meet their dates, while AirDates wants to connect people who are on the same flight.

Don’t forget to do that all-important preparation work beforehand of course. Research shows that travelling makes you more attractive and Delta Air Lines recently even set up a Dating Wall to help you fake that perfect profile picture. And for really desperate measures, you could always move; last year millennials voted Brazil as the best country in the world for dating.