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Buy a piece of beach memorabilia and relive summer all year-round with a Miami Beach lifeguard stand

The city of Miami has placed three of their famous beach’s old stands up for auction online.

The city of Miami is selling off some of its old lifeguard stands.
The city of Miami is selling off some of its old lifeguard stands. Image by Manoli Weber/ullstein bild via Getty Images

The Miami New Times free sheet newspaper reported that, for between $400 and $600, you can spend this Christmas and beyond kicking it on your reclaimed Miami Beach lifeguard stand. There are two boxy ones that are available in, what is described as “fair condition”, varying in colour from a bright yellow and orange, to a slightly cooler blue, yellow and white. The third option is green but is reportedly in “poor condition,” which could prove to be a perfect project for a DIY enthusiast with some free time on their hands.

Unlike other lifeguard stands that are simply plain in colour and functional, Miami Beach’s variety are renowned for being well-designed, bright, inspired by art deco, and typically very large in size. They generally come included with doors and windows. The only drawback to bidding on these unique kitsch garden furniture options is that you’ll be required to transport it home yourself.
If you can manage that, then these stands could make a tremendous option for any child looking for a tree house this festive season. Alternatively it could act as a suitable sanctuary for any adult looking for somewhere to find a place of peace and quiet.

The three stands have been available to bid on since earlier this month, but there has been relatively little interest until recently. If it sounds like an offer that you’d be interested in then you’d better hurry, as the auction will conclude at 3 pm on Wednesday (30 November). As quirky collectors’ items go, it’s one you didn’t know you wanted and probably don’t, but you might be tempted to go for it anyway.