Lonely Planet Writer

Silent snacks could be coming to a London theatre near you soon

One company is on a mission to save civility in London theatres while simultaneously satisfying your cravings by the introduction of silent snacks.

TodayTix, a website and app where you can buy last-minute theatre tickets, did a trial run of the silent snacks last week at two exclusive performances of American Idiot and In the Heights. The snacks are all served in fabric bags to reduce any possibility of annoying rustling noises and cost just £2 per portion. The food and drink has been specially selected to not make any noise while consuming.

Hungry theatre-goers can choose between quiet popcorn containing ground popcorn, cocoa butter and dates, muffled truffles or dehydrated pear slices called ‘silent slices’. For anybody who’s thirsty, there’s also a lime and mint drink with specially selected ingredients to diminish the chance of you passing gas – a very startling interruption to any theatre experience! The drink even comes in a rubber glass to make it as quiet as possible (once you don’t slurp presumably). While there’s no plans, as of yet, to make silent snacks a permanent fixture of the London theatre scene, the idea has already garnered plenty of positive support on social media.

One particularly avid supporter is the Theatre Charter, a campaign that aims to improve etiquette in theatres. They’ve tweeted their support for the initiative, encouraging other venues to follow suit. The charter is a voluntary initiative aimed at curbing intrusive behaviour like mobile phone use and leaving your seat mid-performance. It also encourages people to “to unwrap all sweets prior to lights down or during loud applause”.