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Game of Thrones will be filmed at a new location in Spain for its seventh season

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then get booking your trip to the Basque Country – because the hit fantasy series is due to start filming scenes there next month.

The hugely popular show, set in the fictional kingdom of Westeros, has been filmed in multiple real-life locations. The latest addition to the list is Muriola Beach in Barrika, near Bilbao.  That’s about all we know, though, as there has been no announcement on which actors will shoot there or which of the story’s landscapes the beach will represent. “We do not know exact dates or who will come, nor if new extras will be needed”, town mayor Robert Muñoz told El Correo. He described the upcoming season seven scenes as “shrouded in mystery”.

Barrika beach at sunset.
Barrika beach at sunset. Image by Rafa Riancho/Getty Images

However, Muñoz says the small town is “very happy” to be hosting Game of Thrones. Muriola Beach joins the likes of Basque towns Zumaia and Bermeo, which were announced as filming locations a few weeks ago. The crew will arrive in the area sometime next month, with shooting scheduled to begin at Itzurun Beach in Zumaia on 26 October. The scenes at Muriola Beach are thought to begin filming soon afterwards.

Muriola Beach isn’t the only Spanish location that has been used for the hit show – the medieval city of Girona was shot extensively for season six. As filming for the hit series’ seventh season begins, its stars have been sighted in the show’s well-known filming location of Northern Ireland.